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wills logo Thomas Crompton of of  Bennynton, Herfordshire 18 February 1601-2
wills logo Sir Thomas Crompton of Middlesex 13 February 1607
no wills logo Sir John Crompton of Skerne 04 May 1624
wills logo Thomas Crompton of Breightmet, Bolton in the Moor 02 February 1628
wills logo Mary Crompton of Hounslow 08 April 1632
wills logo Sir Thomas Littleton of Frankley and dame Catherine Crompton 20 December 1649
wills logo Robert Crompton of Ruston, County York 08 April 1674
wills logo Walter Crompton of Sunderlandwicke, County York 19 December 1694
wills logo Ann Jegon, nee Crompton, County York 27 September 1701
wills logo Thomas Crompton of Thearne, County of York 18 October 1724
wills logo Caleb Crompton of Bridlington Quay 09 May 1727
wills logo Samuel Crompton of Derby 21 October 1754
wills logo Walter Crompton of Sunderlandwick & Scarborough 02 December 1755
wills logo William Crompton of Ripon 22 June 1759
wills logo John Crompton of Gainsborough, Lincolnshire 26 June 1775
wills logo Thomas Crompton of Bridlington 19 February 1822
wills logo Thomas Richardson Crompton of Nafferton 16 December 1846
Inquest logo Caleb Crompton of Dowling Forest, Victoria 30 December 1854
wills logo William Henry Cox of Mount Jeffcott, Victoria 19 March 1882
wills logo Thomas Crompton b.1803 01 March 1860
wills logo Charles Robert Leslie McLeish of Melbourne, Victoria 25 March 1984

Catalogue, sheet 2


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