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The Will of


of Hounslow, Middlesex
Dated 13 February 1607









In the Name of God Amen I Sir Thomas Crompton
of the Inner Temple London knight doe here make and ordaine this my last will and testament
in forme followinge: that is to saie, (f)ir(s)t I comend my soule into Almighty god my maker /and\ redeem[er]
and I will my bodie to be buried in (s)uch place and in (s)uch (s)orte as it (s)hall (s) eeme be(s)t unto myne
executors hereafter named, but my owne desir is if it maie be not convenienty that {.ro.wnd} {florwe}
intombed. {I}tem {I} revoke and Disalowe all former willes heretofore made. {I}tem {I} doe give unto my
daughter Katherine Crompton all my plate {household} stuffe 2 do{z}ne graine hey {S(D)yon}, Kyne 1 sheepe
horses geldinge mares, leases and chattels 3 what soever which I have or shall have at the tyme of my
Decease either in London Hounslowe Yorkshire or wheresoever I have or shall have any thinge to
use. Item I doe give unto my said daughter Katherine Crompton and to the heires of her body
lawfully begotten the mannors of {Gr}idby and Ruston not belongeth unto her of right as beinge
intailed 4 unto her at the marriage of my most loving wife Meriall Crampton, both not mannors.
which {thappnrtemte}, and the goods aforesaid I would wish might be (sold) and the money from put forth
to my daughters best use for preferment in her marriage. And if it is so pleased God that my daught[er]
dye and leave noe issue, then my will and pleasure is that the mannors and the goods aforesaid
goe unto my Executors four the performance of this my last will and testament. Item I give
unto my brother John Crompton my best seale Ringe of gold which was my ffathers and which a right
good will I doe give unto him all my lands entayled 4 on me uppon my marriage; of which there is not
one not eyther sold or imbezeled, but Bishop Burton in liewe of which I leave him (North) F(ro)dinghham a better
thinge then it was, which this hope that he /...\ will at my intreatie be willinge to performe the will of my
late decea(s)ed ffather Thomas Crompton towards his children {fucndes} and {ftwbantes} which beareth ~
Date the fforwer and Twentith of October in the three and fortieth year of Queen Elizabeth [1601]
raigne deceased. And if I thought that my brother would not performe this my desire I would
not have lefte him any foote of my landes Item my will and desire is that my brother Robert,
and my brother Edward Crompton maie eniony the landes bequeathes unto them by my ffathers
last will and testament which any part baron either of my brother John Crompton or any other
for all my ffathers creditors are {…} maie be satisfied by landes as {app.areth} by theft {tiro}{.eeded}
following the first beinge dated the Eight and twentith of Maye in the three and fortieth year [1601]
of the Raigne of Elizabeth made unto my {u..le} {Rant} and others to the balenc of 3340 /...\ The
second is a Deede and made the [                    ] March one thousand Six hundred and three unto mr
{Bruster} mr Partson and mr Bigraice of the Mannor of Hownslawe [Hounslow] and other landes balanced
by my ffathers {beere} at [                     ] all which landes a foresaid I will and appoint to be sould, and ~
my mony thereof arising to get for full satisfying and discharging of my ffathers chreditors.
all my mannors if they be not already suficynecy {grannres}, and assuered unto the persons~
afore named my will and Desire is that /...\ maie or {ins.efed} in the same to the entent my ffathers
will may be paid his debit are not at this tyme about five thousand pounds Soe that it
appeareth that there is land (s)ufficyent left to di(s)charge all debts what(s)oever And it doth appeare
also that my brothers daughter and all other my friends maie in{j}oye that quietly not I intend
to leftowe[r] uppon them Item I give for maintenance of my five Sister Magdalene, Alyce, Margarite
Susan Sara and {F}rances Twentie poundes a yeere yearly to be had out of the Tenement of
{......y} which {fframers} {I/Jartson}, and {Cl}ement Dawbney gent have have (sic) of trust. {.re.ided} ~~~
{…..ied} that if it please God that any of them doe {rhamite} to dye, or be marryed that then their
Annuitie cease and return unto my brother John Crompton on whome I freely doe believe the same
Item I give unto Henry Stanley my {hanote} and fortie shillings in mony Item I give unto ~
{......d} Bell five pounds which legacies to my servant I would have my Daughter to paie them
out of the two hundred poundes I entend gos {noi..inge} to give her. And I am verie sory that my
personal state will not suffer me to doe better for them Item I doe ordaine {eyerntoes} of this my
last will and Testament my welbeloved brother mr William Gee, and my kinde friende                    End of page 1 ....
1600will1607, sheet 2



Mr {ffram..r}, Swifte esqr, on whome I doe bestowe Twentie poundes a yeere Item I give into them whome
I have made my exactors my {true} leases of the /...\ of walrington and all other my land within the same
mannor wherein I have any clayme title or interest towards the preformancs of this my last will and ~
Testament. And I doe appoint overseers of this my will my worthie kind friend S[i]r Henry
Dar[c]y and S[i]r Henry Lindley And to each of them I doe bestowe a bowle of P[ew]ter} of {Terin} {vo.d}
price. Item I doe appoint that these legacies aforesaid due unto my {} and [onseers] be answ~
red ont {o.} my leases of Walrington and wishe that some of the surplusages might goe towards
the creatinge of a Tombe at Howndslowe both for my ffather and sel my selfes Item if anie d[o]ubt
or controversye doe arise of this my will or the construction of the same I doe hartely desire my most
lovinge kinde friends Thomas Pagett Andrew Blunden, and John Butler {if} none whome ~
{...s.o.e} [survives] I am {po.des} a {p….}, and the (suriu.} or survivors of them to appease and order the –
same And doe will my child brothers Sisters and executors to be ruled by them, and the ~
survivors of them. And whatsoever order or end {re..chinge} the same doubt or controversy the
said Thomas Pagett Andrew Blunden and John Butler or the survivors of them shall
sett downe in writing therein I doe by this presence declare and signifie to be my full last will
and Testament. In witnes whereof I have hereto subscribed my name and sett my seale ~~~
{Deoben} this dait and yeare first about written Thomas Crompton Dated the Eightene
of October in the fifth year of James Kinge of England one Thousand six hundred and
three This is the effect of will I intend god willinge to make and carryover about me Tho.
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Source: The National Archive: PROB 11/109/139 referenced to Sir Thomas Crampton


  1. Kyne – Kine is an archaic collective noun for cows
  2. Stuffe – Stuff is defined as matter, material, or articles, of a specified or indeterminate kind that are being referred to, indicated, or implied
  3. Chattles – In law an item of property other than freehold land, including tangible goods (chattels personal) and leasehold interests (chattels real)
  4. Entail[ed] – In law to limit the inheritance of (property ) over a number of generations so that ownership remains within a particular family or group. Origin: late Middle English (referring to settlement of property; formerly also as intail)

Source: Oxford English Dictionaries on-line

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