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The Will of


of Hounslow, Middlesex, Deceased
Dated 03 April 1632

    In the Name of God Amen the eight day
    of Aprill Anno Domini one thousand six hundred thirty twoe and in the eight yeare of
    in the Countie of Middlesex beinge {neasr} of body but of {xsert} mynd and remembrance
    thankes be to God I do make and ordaine this my last {testain} {routeyi..inge} therein my last
5  will in manner and forme followinge That is to saie first I commend my soule into the hand of
    Allmightie god my Creator and maker hopinge and trustinge throughe the mercy and {……tt.}
    of Christ Jesus my Saviour and Redeemer to be made {ptafer} of eternall may his everlastinge
    kingdom of heaven and my bodie to the earth until the joyfull {.s.ntition} of the {inst} to be buried
    in the Chappell of Hownslowe aforesaid in that {de..nt} {mi….te} and to my {..t} {extaturd} here after
10 {……ed} shall seeme fittinge Item I give to my sonne Robert Crompton Esquire a Dyamond Ringe
    Item I give to my daughter Dame Mary Gee my {….n.} (best) Emerald ringe Item I give to
    Dame Katherine Littleton our {quisl.on} embroidered with gold and pearls Item I give to my
    daughter Alice Clinton twenty pounds Item I give to my daughter Francis (sic) Fenn a dyamond
    ringe. Item I give to my Cosen Mary {Wallis} a ringe Item I give to my Cosen {A….d}
15 {Ja.ell} a Ringe. I give unto John Chappell four pounds I give unto my servant
    John {Ke.fir} five pounds And to all the rest of my servants which shal be dwellinge with me
    at this house of my death twenty shillings apiece Item I give and bequeath to the poor of
    Hownslowe forty shillings Ase the rest and residue of my estate as may {m..y.} in money {}
    {qurathrd}, I give and bequeath unto the rest of my grandchildren That is to saie the children of
20 Sir John Crompton {fu/t\} deceased the children of my daughter Dame Mary Gee, the children of
    Robert Crompton Esquire the sonne of Francis (sic) (Fenn) the daughters of Elizabeth hyatt the sonne of
    Maridlyn (Magdalene) Rogere the children of Alice {Colenton} and the children of Grace {Hrobald} And my
    mynde and will is that all other my goods and chattels, plate {ir..elly} {Cattell} household {..…}
    and all other of what {binde} soever shall by my execatore be sould to bye best proffitt and
25 benifitt that may be and the mony thereby {asisinge} and all other mony to the {s..ny} said
    grandchildren formerly hereby bequeathed; shal be equally divided amongst them and
    delivered unto them when they shall accomplishe the age of one and twenty years or be married
    And if it shall happen that anie of them decease befour they come to lawfull ages or be married
    then my mynd and will is that his or their parte soe {derruseinge} shall remaine to the rest
30 of them surviving to be paied and delivered to them at a foursaid And of this any left will
    and {.st.ment} I doe nominate ordaine and appoint my sonne in law Robert (Fenn) Esquire and
    my Grandchilde William Gee the executors hoping they will soe the same truly and faithfully
    {pformed} (performed) in all things (and) my trust in them and I do givelizae to each of them a Ringe with a {dra.g.}
    pearl for their paines And I do make and ordaine my sonne Robert Crompton to be {Oserster} (executor) of
35 this my last will and testament desiring him to be aydinge and assistinge to {myur} executons if by
    them or either of them he shalle thereunto requested And I do hereby {.dwofd} and make saide all
    other wills and testaments hertofour by me made, and do firmly ordaine this to be my last
    Will and Testament In witnes where of I have hereunto sett my name {….}
    this daie and year above written Mary Crompton, {Gr.led} signed and published in
40 the {pis..e} of {Srmaingn} {Ce.y} John Chappell 14 {Arbir} 1635. Item my wish and
    {me..inge} is that if my estate after my debts are paied and my funerall be {sefi.yed} will be
    sufficient to give each of my grandchildren tenn pounds apeece, they are not to request any more
    by this will, Witnesses to this post scripte Thomas Chappell, Arthur {Redferne} {Foly}

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