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The Will of


of Breightmet, in the Parish of Bolton in the Moors, Yeoman

Dated 22 December 1627

IN the name of God, Amen, the 22 Dec. 1627. I THOMAS CROMPTON, of Breightmet, in the parish of Bolton in the Mores, [sic] co. Lanc., yeoman. My body to Christian burial. And concerning my messuages, lands, &c., situate in Darcie Leaver co. Lanc. heretofore purchased of Richard ffogge [sic] gent., my will is, and I hereby devise all that messuage or cottage and garden with the appurtenances heretofore in the occupation of Lawrence ffogge gent, to John Greenhalgh and Lydia Holme my servants and their heirs for ever. And concerning the rest and residue of my said lands it is my will and I give the same to my executors hereafter named for the term of 16 years next after my decease, towards the maintenance and education of all the children of Lawrence Crompton my nephew lawfully begotten and to be begotten during the said term. And after the end of the said term of 16 years, I devise the same lands to the issue male [sic] of the said Lawrence Crompton and his heirs for ever. And for want of such issue it is my will that my Executors shall sell the same lands, and divide the money for which the same shall be sold equally amongst all the daughters of the said Lawrence Crompton. I give 10li [£] to the minister or stipendarie preacher at Bolton, to be paid by my Executors by 10s a year for the term of 20 years after my decease towards the maintenance of such minister. I likewise give 3li 6s 8d to Richard Dickinson and John Aliens to be imployed [sic] as they think fit towards the maintenance of a minister at Cockey Chapel. To my brother Ellice Crompton £5. To Raffe Whittell's wife £4. To the wife of Robert Crompton £4. To the wife of William Crompton £4. To the wife of Edmund Key £4. To Ellice Crompton my nephew £6. To John Crompton my nephew £4. To Adam Roscow of Deane parish £4. To the wife of Holden £4. To Thomas Carrell 40s together with all such money as he shall owe me at the time of my decease. To the wife of John Carlell 6s 8d. To every one of the children of the said John Carlell 6s 8d apiece. To Lawrence Carlell's children 6s 8d apiece. To Henry Morris of Leigh parish 3s 4d. To my nephew Lawrence Crompton £4. To my servant John Greenhalgh £5, together with the bed he lieth on and all the bedding and clothes belonging to the same, and all my apparel. To my servant Lydia Holme £5, together with the bed she lieth on and all the bedding, and clothes belonging to the same and half of all wooden vessels in the house, the half of all earthen pots also I give to her the Chimney 1 in the house, and my red heifer. To all those I am godfather unto 12d apiece.

Where as my neighbour John Crompton hath a note in custody of certain goods given by my wife it is my will that the same goods be bestowed according to the contents of that note. To my nephew Lawrence Crompton's wife all the chairs and stools in my house, and the other half of all wooden vessels and earthen pots. To my said nephew Lawrence three arks in the barn, together with all implements of husbandry, three chests, and all the bedstocks (except those before given to my two servants), fuel, the stone trough at the draw well and the cheese press. To Mr Horrocks preacher at Deane 10s to preach at my burial. Whereas I enjoy two closes which I have taken of Mary Crompton, I hereby give the reversion of the same to Adam Crompton. To Myles Broxopp 10s. To Isabell Abbott 10s. To the poor of Breightmett 40s to be distributed at the discretion of James Crompton. It is my will that the great ark in the kitchen remain at the house as an heirloom for ever. To Lawrence Crompton my nephew a cow which is called Horrocks. The residue of my goods after my debts, &c., are discharged I give to my said brother Ellice Crompton and my two executors equally amongst them three. I ordain my executors the said Robert Crompton and Raffe Whittell.


Witnesses hereof -James Crompton, John Greenaulgh his mXke, Lidia Houlme her mXrke.

Endorsed -

It is my will that if hereafter it fall that there want a stipendary minister at Boulton that the 10s yearly shall be given to the poor of Breightmett, Darcey Leaver, and Tonge for the remainder of the years.
Also there shall be bestowed "for my; bringing forth " 2 £12 and if any be spared on the sum, then it is to be bestowed on the poor of Darcey Leaver, Tonge and Haulgh

1598will1628, sheet 2

Witnesses - James Crompton, John Greenaulgh his mXke, Lidia Houlme her mXke.

[Proved at Chester, 2 Feb., 1627[˜8].]
Inventory of all the goods, &c., which were Thomas Cromptons of Breightmett, the elder, late deceased, praised by us James Bradshawe, Thomas Crompton, John Crompton, and Henery [sic] Crompton, the 26th Jan., 1627[˜8.]
Cattle, horses, corn, hay, houshold [sic] goods, &c.
[No total given.]

See notes on pp. 4, 11, 12.
Moveable iron chimneys were in use at this time, by mean of which the risk of fires in wooden houses was much lessened.

Source: Earwaker JP (Ed), 'Lancashire and Cheshire Wills and Inventories 1572 to 1696. Proved at York and Richmond', Chetham Society, 1893, page 36

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