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Thomas b.1803 John b.1805 James b.1807 William b.1808 Elizabeth b.1811 Mary b.1813
Richardson b.1815 Martha b.1817 Jane b.1819 Caleb b.1821 Edmund b.1825 Mary b.1812

Thomas Crompton of Bridlington 1738 - kB gif
The early Bridlington years
       Thomas CromptonWill of Thomas Crompton - 4kB gif
       of Cayton by Scarborough and Bridlington
       d.21jul1823 age 85 buried near west door Priory Church, Bridlington    
       m.1............................................m.2                       1783nfo1 Original family letters - 4kB gif
       |                                              |                        
       28apr1770   Priory Church, Bridlington.        11nov1806
       |           'both of this parish'              |              1783nfo2 Thomas of Bridlington life - 2kB gif      
       Elizabeth Richardson                           Mary Danby     dau. of
       b.....~1731                                    b.23jun1773    Robert Danby,
       d.08mar1802 age 70                             d.24jul1827    a cooper  Will of Thomas Richardson Crompton - 4kB gif
       |                                              |
       |=======================||                     |========||
       Thomas richardson Crompton                     Mary                 1783nfo3 Thomas Richardson Crompton - 2kB gif
       b......1772                                    b.
       c.03dec1772 Priory Church, Bridlington         c.08apr1812
       d.02apr1847 age 74 buried Nafferton            d......1892           To Mary Crompton's tree
cr1738, sheet 2
       m.02dec1802 at Barmston                                                 1783nfo4 Martha Hyde's tree - 2kB gif         
       Martha Hyde daughter of James and Sarah Hyde
       c.09dec1784 at Great Driffield
       d.20jun1860 buried 23jun1860 at Nafferton
       |   NB: Thomas richardson Crompton name often changes to just Richardson Crompton
Thomas        John          James         William       Richardson    Elizabeth     Mary       
b.21dec1803   b.09mar1805   b.12jan1807   b.31mar1808   b.13feb1810   b.13may1811   b.30dec1813
c.22dec1803   c.            c.15jan1807   c.02apr1808   c.10mar1810   c.25may1811   c.06feb1814
d.04nov1862   d.26may1872   d.22mar1896   d.03aug1872   d.....~1810?  d.1stQt1897   d.4thQt1887 
|             |             |             |               *********   |             |
m.12nov1828   m.04nov1834   m.11mar1837   m.4thQt1841                 m.4thQt1838   m.2ndQt1842
|             |             |             |                           |             |
Isabella      Ann           Frances       Sarah                       Richard       Richard fisher
Rowlin        Jefferson     Harper        Hornsey                     Horsey        Johnson        
b.            b......1813   b.            b.25may1824                 b.            b......1812
c.31jan1808   c.03feb1813   c.25sep1815   c.                          c.            c.
d.05feb1891   d.3rdQt1859   d.3rdQt1858   d.....-1881                 d.3rdQt1881   d.1stQt1880

         Children of Thomas richardson Crompton and Martha Hyde continued
         Richardson    Martha          Jane         Caleb          Amelia        Edmund       
         b.09oct1815   b.16aug1817     b.04may1819  b.23jul1821    b.25may1823   b.22feb1825
         c.01nov1815   c.18aug1817     c.25may1819  c.17aug1821    c.14jun1823   c.29mar1825
         d.24aug1859   d.1stQt1861     d.4thQt1859  d.29dec1854    d.04mar1824   d.2ndQt1855
         |             |               |            |                *********   |
         m.4thQt1841   m.01nov1837     m.10jan1839  m.14jul1844                  m.01jan1855 LDS submission
         |             |               |            |                            |           
         Hannah        James botterill Abraham      Frances                      Betsy Ann
         Clubley       Lowther         swift Pears  Lomb                         Kingston    
         b.....~1827   b.              b......1822  b.                           b.
         c.            c.26apr1813     c.31mar1822  c.31mar1832                  c.29jun1832
         d.02feb1892   d.4thQt1874     d.2ndQt1859  d.15sep1900                  d.3rdQt1900

It is assumed that because Richardson Crompton (1810), child 5, died young his name was re-used. There are no links for this Richardson nor Amelia (1823), child 12, as they both died in infancy.

cr1738, sheet 3

Early Crompto logo - 7kB gif

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