1738 Info 3: Thomas Crompton of Bridlington
His son, Thomas Richardson Crompton

Thomas Richardson CROMPTON was born in 1772 in Bridlington. He was baptised in The Priory Church, Bridlington, on 03 December 1772.  Thomas Richardson and family seem to have move to the Nafferton property around 1814-1815.

He married Martha HYDE of Barmston on 02 December 1802 at Barmston. (Source: IGI M107092)

As a farmer and landowner he farmed Westfield Farm (right), Nafferton, (GR TA051 587) and, bought Houndale Farm of 1000 acres, (GR TA042597 OS Landranger 107), which was later found to have been sold under false pretences and it is said he lost 10, 000 on the deal; it being proved that the vendor did not legally own it. Westfield - home of Thomas Crompton - 31kB jpg

'.... In 18l3 and 1814 Richard[son] CROMPTON, of Beeford, took over Great Houndales with other plots of land and a house in Nafferton. Thomas Farthing still farmed the estate meaning that Crompton either sub-let or had purchased from Ann Paul
(Unlikely but it is difficult to distinguish between leases and freehold conveyance in the 19th century.)
Source: Cliff Horsman - Nafferton Millennium Committee

Martha HYDE - his wife

Christened in Great Driffield on 09 December 1784.
By James and Sarah HYDE

Married Thomas Richardson on 02 December 1802 at Barmston. (Source: IGI M107092)

Their children

IGI records shows Martha to be the mother of all these children, but the forenames of the fathers varies. However there is no doubt that these are the children of Thomas Richardson and Martha. This baptismal evidence also shows where the family was living at the time of their children's birth.

Thomas      c.22dec1803  Bridlington           Thomas Richardson Crompton
John        c.           not found
James       c.15jan1807  Bridlington           Thomas Richardson Crompton
William     c.02apr1808  Bridlington           Thomas Richardson Crompton
Richardson  c.10mar1810  Beeford                      Richardson Crompton
Elizabeth   c.26may1811  Beeford               Thomas Richardson Crompton
Mary        c.06feb1814  Beeford                      Richardson Crompton
Richardson  c.02nov1815  Nafferton                    Richardson Crompton
Martha      c.01sep1817  Nafferton                    Richard    Crompton
Jane        c.25may1819  Nafferton                    Richardson Crompton
Caleb       c.17aug1821  Nafferton                    Richardson Crompton
Amelia      c.14jun1823  Nafferton d.4mar1824  Thomas Richardson Crompton
Edmond      c.29mar1825  Nafferton             Thomas Richardson Crompton

1738info3, sheet2

His death

Thomas Richardson died at Nafferton, on Good Friday 2 April 1847, aged 74, where he is buried. There is no evidence of his grave. He left a dynasty of thirteen children who spread throughout the world.

1841 Census Sun/Mon  6/7 June 1841
Source:   FHL Film PRO Ref HO107
          Piece 1215 Folio  Page 11
Dwelling: North Street
Place:    Nafferton, York

Name                 Age  Occupation
Richardson Crompton  65   Farmer
Martha Crompton      55
Paulina Crompton      4

Martha as a widow

Having retired Thomas Richardson and Martha moved in to their house in North Street, Nafferton.

After Thomas Richardson's death Martha looked after her grandchildren: Polina (Paulina), the illegitimate daughter of Elizabeth and Thomas Luckup, who lived next door to Grandma in the 1851 census; and her grandson Caleb CROMPTON Pears, son of Jane, born 1819.

Polina and Martha later moved to Great Driffield.

Right: Middle North Street Nafferton, 2001
  North Street Nafferton in 2001 - 25kB jpg
A view of middle North Street, Nafferton 2010 - 50kB jpg It is difficult to locate the actual house. The enumerator's entries, for the1841 census of North Street, extends from the first entry of Crompton's Yard, North Street to Nafferton Hall in the south.

The photographs illustrate typical period houses in the street.

Leftt: Middle North Street 2010

1738info3, sheet 3
Views of North Street, Nafferton 2010 which shows typical housing of 1841

Right: Upper North Street 2010
A view of upper North Street, Nafferton 2010 - 43kB jpg
A view of lower North Street, Nafferton 2010 - 32kB jpg Left: North Street at the junction of Driffield Road
1851 Census Sun/Mon 30/31st March 1851
Source:     FHL Film  PRO Ref HO10
            Piece 2366 Folio 340 Page 3 Enu60
Dwelling:   North Street
Place:      Nafferton, York, England

Name                  Rel  Marr  Age  Sex  Occ   Birthplace 
Martha Crompton      Head  Wid    66   F         Gt Driffield
Polina Crompton      Gdau         14   b.
Caleb Crompton Pears GSon          6             Gt Driffield
1738info3, sheet 4
Right: A map of North Street, Nafferton 1854 scale 1:10 560 A map of North Street, Nafferton 1854 scale 1:10 560 - 76kB gif

Martha died in Nafferton, on 20 June 1860, where she is buried. There is no obvious gravestone.

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