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From the late Normans to the Tudors
Source: Ormerod's 'Parentelia' and 'The Victoria History of the County of Cheshire'.

Many links are speculative and are shown by dotted lines. It is not always possible to establish who is brother to whom. Dates have been established from events and are recorded in century blocks, separated by a grey horizontal line.
The Crompton coat of arms circa 1430  22Kb-gif Centre: The arms granted to Thomas (Auditor) Crompton LLD in 1591

An alternative Crompton arms are described as a red shield with two wavy horizontal lines through the centre. In the lower half and upper left quarter are three rampant lions and upper right quarter a crescent moon. The crest above the shield is the traditional knight's visor and helmet upon which is a sitting hunting dog.

cr1200, sheet2

Caution: The Victoria History of the County of Lancashire (VCH) speculates that several families who settled Crompton used de Crompton as their 'family' name.

           Families who may have taken the name de Crompton and later Crompton
de Traffords                Chethams                  dela Legh             Chaddertons  Origins in the village of Crompton
.                                                     .                     .
.                                                     .                     .

Ellis                                                 .                     .
|                                                     .                     .             Modern Crompton
Adam de Crompton                                     .                     .
b.                                                    .                     .
d.                                                    .                     .
|                                                     .                     .
m. Margery                                            .                     .
|                                                     .                     .
|=========|=========|===========|=========|=======||  .                     .
William   Brun      Jordan      Richard   Robert      Simon                 .
b.-1245   b.-1245   b.-1245     b.-1245   b.-1245     b.-1245               .
                    d.+1317               (Dobbe)                           .
                    |           |                     |                     .
                    |=======||  |=======||            |=======||            .
                    Adam        William               Hugh de Legh          .
                                                      de Crompton           .

1300                                                                        |
cr1200, sheet 3
           No established links                                             Thomas
                    .                                                       |
                    .                                             |=========|=======||   
                    .                                             Alexander Thomas       
                    .                                             ********* d...jul1393
                    .                                                       |            
                    .                                                       Thomas       
                    .                                                       b.1377

1400                .                                                       |
                    .                                                       Oliver       
                    .                                                       b.1428
                    .                                                       |            
                    John                                                    Roger        
                    Abt.1451                                                b.1445
                    .                                                       |            
         Several generations of Johns                                       Thomas       
                    .                                                       b.1463       

1500                John
                    m. Johanna
                    John of Farnworth in Prestolee, Lancashire
                    m. Katherine Hulton
                    John a clothier of Prestolee and London
                    m.27may....Anne dau. Ralph Assheton of Great lever                   
   John of Beverley Dr Thomas LLD of Driffield  Richard of Hacking
   b.               b. ....~1556                b.
   d.~1604          d.-10sep1601                d.-1598 (Will proved Chester)

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