1738 Info 2: Thomas Crompton of Bridlington
His life

At Cayton By Scarborough

Map locating Bridlington, Cayton-by-Scarborough and Thomas' lands in Bridlington - 31Kb gif Thomas CROMPTON was born in Cayton-by-Scarborough, where many of his family were buried.

The red square locates the area of the map below.

Left: Map locating Bridlington, Cayton-by-Scarborough and Thomas' lands in Bridlington
Right: The church of St John the Baptist at Cayton by Scarborough 2010 where the family worshipped since 1660 and were church wardens. The Church of England describe it as a 'Medieval church in village on southern outskirts of Scarborough.' The church at Cayton by Scarborough 2010 - 68kB jpg
1738info2, sheet 2
The east end of Cayton by Scarborough church 2010 - 41kB jpg Left: The east end of Cayton by Scarborough church 2010

Thomas moves to Bridlington

His life in Bridlington suggests he was a wealthy man who lived in Pinfold Street and owned property and land. His will of 19 February 1822 included:

  • A field called Butt Close, now a modern estate and containing the hospital and secondary school.
  • A field called Ducky? Dyke.
  • Hill Field - agricultural land between A165 and Mill Lane.
  • High Green, Bridlington.
  • Three tenements, barns and premises in Pinfold Street.
  • Land named Pinfold in Bridlington.
Note: Pinfold is dialect for a sheep pen.
Map showing modern roads around Thomas Crompton's properties  - 45kB jpg
Above: A map locating Thomas' lands with Bridlington
1738info2, sheet 3
Right: Hill Field, Bridlington 2010 from the Bridlington water works looking towards A165, Scarborough Road. This rough pasture is all that remains of Thomas' green land. Hill Field, Bridlington 2010- 44kB jpg
Pinfold Lane, Bridlington 2010 - 37kB jpg Left: Pinfold Lane, Bridlington 2010 from Marton Road
Left: Butts Close, Bridlington 2010 Butts Close, Bridlington 2010 - 52kB jpg
Butts Close name plate, Bridlington 2010 - 52kB jpg
1738info2, sheet 4
A montage of High Green Bridlington - 58kB jpg
  1. High Green Farm had an entrance opening from Sewerby Road, leading to extensive farm buildings. This is now a redeveloped site.
  2. 25 Pinfold Street - the other farm situated on High Green. In 2010 this eighteenth century farm house and barn conversion was for sale as a four bedroom property at ?299,500
  3. One of the properties in Pinfold Street where the houses are simple, solid and large. The architecture of the sash window and doors appears to be "regular", mathematically proportionate and balanced suggesting a Georgian architectural influence.
  4. A similar property to photograph 3.
  5. 6 Pinfold Street in which, when being modernised, the deeds for a 1516 cowshed were discovered in the walls.
  6. Bridlington Priory Church.
  7. The location of Thomas CROMPTON's 1831 grave.
  8. The Bayle.
Left: An aerial photograph High Green Bridlington, in 2010,  showing Thomas' properties

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Right: An 1854 map showing the centre of Bridlington and St. Mary's Priory Church.

Two farms are marked on the map. One bounds Pinfold Street and the second is High Green Farm to the east.

Green Dike was once a pond and when filled in the site of the town fair.

The map also locates Bridlington Priory Church and its graveyard. Low Green or Church Green is the location of The Bayle.
Map locating High Green and Pinfold Street, Bridlington - 103kB jpg
1738info2, sheet 5

His marriage

On 28 April 1770 Thomas married Elizabeth RICHARDSON, also born in Cayton By Scarborough. Bridlington Priory Records, described them as "both of this parish", suggesting that they had both moved to Bridlington and that Thomas had sufficient wealth to be a "Gentleman" who could marry in the large town church.

He is said to have presented a sword or plaque to Bridlington Priory Church.

Right: Bridlington Priory Church, The Bayle and the possible location of Thomas CROMPTON's property
Bridlington Priory Church - Kb jpg
1770 Apr 28
Thomas Crompton and Elizabeth Richardson
both of this parish Bann by Cor Rickaby
Witnesses John Rickaby and Francis Simpson
Source: Bridlington Priory Marriages 1754-1812 page 14 EYFHS

John RICKABY appears to have been a 'professional' witness, a person with a position in the church or simply someone who could sign his name. In 1785 he witnesses twelve of the 37 marriages.

A 1923 postcard showing Bridington Priory and the Bayle - 39Kb jpg Thomas owned two houses in The Bayle. It is not possible to site these properties. They may be the now demolished cottages shown on the 1923 postcard.

Bayle is from French 'Baille' meaning ?enclosure? or ?ward?. A large proportion of the building dates to the late 12th Century when it may have been a gatehouse to William le Gros' castle of 1143. In the 14th Century the Bayle was the Priory gatehouse, home of a porter and Almoner who distributed food and ale to the poor. Since the dissolution of Bridlington Priory the Bayle has been prison, court, school and garrison.

Right: A 1923 postcard showing The Bayle gateway and cottages of some age.

Thomas' second marriage to Mary DANBY

After Elizabeth died on 8 March 1770 Thomas married his housekeeper, Mary DANBY, the daughter of Robert DANBY, a cooper (Source: IGI C105873).

1806 Nov 1
Thomas Crompton wdr. gentleman and Mary X Danby spr
both of this parish Licence by Geo Smith
Witnesses Thomas Jefferson, R Kemplay
Source: Bridlington Priory Marriages 1754-1812 EYFHS (IGI M105873)

This suggests an early association with the Jefferson family.

A single child, Mary CROMPTON, resulted. She later married James JORDON of Speeton.

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