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Thomas b.1803 John b.1805 James b.1807 William b.1808 Elizabeth b.1811
Richardson b.1815 Martha b.1817 Jane b.1819 Caleb b.1821 Edmund b.1825

Dates for Mary Crompton 1813 - 4Kb Gif

Mary Crompton 7th child of Thomas richardson Crompton and Martha Hyde
c.06feb1814 Beeford
d.4thQt1887 Howden                        John Johnson ... m. ... ? Fisher 
|                                                          |        farmer of Holme on Spalding Moor
m.06jun1842 at St Oswald's, Flamborough (aged 25!)         |
|                    |=====================================|
Richard fisher Johnson of Holme on Spalding Moor farmer .... 1813info1 Marriage of Mary
|============|============|============|============|========||1813info2 The children of Mary and Richard
Richard      Agnes        Edmond       John         Francis
fisher       |            |            charles          
c.02apr1843  c.04feb1845  b.28feb1852  b.16jun1855  b.25apr1858
d.14sep1905  d.           d.1stQt1906  d.25apr1858  d.....+1881
|                         |
m.4thQt1861  Howden       m.10jan1884
|                         |                                    
Louisa elizabeth Holmes   Agnes jane Johnson                   
b.3rdQt1843  Howden       b.2ndQt1861 Howden 9d/77
d.4thQt1921               d.28jan1948 Parkston Ash 2d/542
To Richard Crompton's line - 1kB gif To Edmond Crompton's line - 1kB gif

cr1813 sheet2
Edmond Johnson's line
Adelaide     Ernest       Charles      Lilian       Richard      Edmond       Frank        Hilda        John         Lizzie
mary         leopold      william      agnes        fisher                                 may          andrew       mildred      
b.03nov1884  b.31aug1886  b.18sep1888  b.01sep1890  b.18nov1892  b.25jan1897  b.05dec1897  b.17aug1900  b.01nov1903  b.01feb1906
d.10nov1934  d.10aug1947  d.28mar1961  d.15jul1972  d.30sep1916  d.07mar1907  d.03nov1918  d.22jan1966  d.28mar1972  d.10mar1990
                                       |              Barwick      *********    Le Cateau
                                       |              *********                 *********
                                       Fred Wright              
|============|============|============|============|=========|| 1813info3 Frank's letter of 1994
Geoffrey     Richard      Kenneth      William      Frank
                          paul         ernest                    
b.20oct1918  b.10aug1920  b.13sep1923  b.30sep1926  b.31aug1930
d.08jul1945  d.           d.           d.08jul1990  d.
                                                    Joyce margaret
                            Gillian      Christopher
                            margaret     geoffrey     
                            b.17aug1960  b.11oct1962
                            d.           d.
                            Anthony john
cr1813 sheet3
               Rosemary     Michael      James
               clare        jonathan     robert       
               b.14sep1990  b.14sep1990  b.30mar1994
               d.           d.           d.
Richard Johnson's line
|1813info4 Other Johnsons in the Holme area
Ann          Rose         Louisa       Eva          John         John         Frederick    Frances      Florence         
elizabeth                 margaret                  george                                              jane      
b.3rdQt1862  b.4thQt1866  b.2ndQt1868  b.2rdQt1868  b.3rdQt1871  b.3rdQt1872  b.3rdQt1876  b.2ndQt1878  b...jan1881  
d...apr1944  d.           d.           d.           d...oct1943  d.           d...jul1922  d.           d.           
  *********  |            |                                                   |                         |
             m.4thQt1892  m.2ndQt1888                                         m.1stQt1904               m.2ndQt1900
             |            |                                                   |                         |     
             Ernest       George henry                                        Laura mary                Henry 
             Jackson      Playford                                            Hatfield                  Sowden
   Richard      Lilly        Hilda        Doris
   b.4thQt1883  b.2ndQt1887  b.1stQt1888  b.4thQt1894
   d...jul1959  d.           d.           d.
   Alice Crossland

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