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Cayton-By-Scarborough Parish records initially lists the family surname Crumpton but Abraham was buried Crompton.
Beverly Archives record DDAN/24/4, dated September 1722, concerns the Feoffmen of the Manor of Burnby between John Crompton of Little Ruston, gentleman, and Walter and William Crompton of Scarborough, gentlemen.

Is this the link to the Restoration period?

                                           Cayton Parish Records
William Crompton/Crumpton               
d.                                                 Cayton IGI
Thomas Crumpton of Cayton By Scarborough
Elice[abeth] Walker                     
crCayton sheet 2
|   Children christened at St John the Baptist's, Cayton By Scarborough
Richard      Thomas       William      Abraham      Roger        Mary         Ann        
b.           b.           b.           b.           b.           b.           b.
c.20oct1699  c.16feb1701  c.23may1702  c.02may1704  c.08sep1706  c.01may1709  c.11nov1711
d.02apr1700  d.?6feb1701  d.           d.18jul1776  d.           d.           d.
 **********    *********  |            |            |
                          m.28nov1732  m.18may1732  m.02dec1733
                          |            |            |                        
                          Mary         Isabell      Ann
                          Clamon       Brown        Wellborn                
                          b.           b.           b.
                          c.           c.29aug1708  c.
                          d.           d.           d.
                          |            |            |
                          To William and Mary's line                      To Roger and Ann's line
    Children christened at St John the | Baptist's, Cayton By Scarborough
Prisilay     Elise(abeth) Thomas       Anne         Richard      Elizabeth   
b.           b.           b.           b.           b.           b.
c.25jun1733  c.18nov1735  c.01sep1738  c.16mar1742  c.27feb1744  c.14apr1748
d.           d.15feb1738  d.21jul1823  d.           d.29jul1746  d.20apr1748
|              *********  |            |              *********    *********
m......1766               |            m.25dec1763
|                         |            |
William Smailes?          |            John Tate(?)
                          m1.28apr1770 ===== m2.24nov1806
|============?============|                  |                               
Thomas                    Elizabeth          Mary
Richardson                Richardson         Danby                           
b.                        b.....~1731        b......1773
c.                        c.10apr1731        c.23jun1773
d.15feb1731               d.08mar1802        d.30oct1827
                          |                  |
                          |=========||       |=========||                    
                          Thomas             Mary
                          b......1772        b.
                          c.03dec1772        c.08apr1812

crCayton sheet 3
William Crumpton's line
Children of William 1702 and Mary Clamon
Jane         Mary         William      Mathew       Thomas       Anne J       William      Jonathan     Jane      
b.           b.           b.           b.           b.           b.           b.           b.           b.
c.05oct1733  c.27dec1736  c.20aug1738  c.06mar1741  c.10dec1743  c.30mar1745  c.20aug1746  c.19sep1748  c.25dec1752
d.           d.           d.           d.           d.21dec1746  d.           d.           d.11oct1748  d.
 **********                 *********  |              *********  |                           *********
                                       m.20feb1770               m.25dec1763
                                       |                         |
                                       Isabell                   John 
                                       Smith                     Tate(?)
                                       Sally        Matthew  
                                       b.           b.
                                       c.20apr1773  c.31jan1777

crCayton sheet 4
William Crumpton's line
Children of Roger Crumpton and Ann Wellbourne
Thomas       Ann          Sarah        Christopher  Elizabeth    Frances      Roger        Sarah      
b.           b.           b.           b.           b.           b.           b.           b.
c.09dec1734  c.24aug1737  c.13jun1739  c.14apr1741  c.07nov1743  c.25oct1745  c.17nov1747  c.24apr1750
d.           d.           d.           d.           d.           d.           d.           d.
|            |
m.27jan1767  m.24dec1758
|            |                                                                                         
Jane         John
Hudson       Meeglaory                                                                                 

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