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The children of Thomas and Mary ellen Crompton

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Captain John Crompton (Jack) - Thomas and Mary ellen's first child Captain John Crompton has his own information sheet at 1805info3g

Marjorie Crompton - Thomas and Mary ellen's second child

Marjorie was born 08 May 1895 and died 23 June 1902, at the age of seven and was buried at Nafferton. There are two accounts of her death. Her father wrote in 1944 that 'in 1902 we lost our little Marjorie from ptomaine poisoning [food poisoning] to our great distress - a lovely child with a lovely disposition and 7 years old' after eating berries. The second reason suggests that her death may have been related to the insanitary water at Great Houndales.

Marjorie Crompton's headstone 1902 - kB jpg Believed to be Marjorie Crompton at Mary agnes' wedding - 11kB jpg
Above: Marjorie Crompton's 1902 headstone  at Nafferton
Right: Believed to be Marjorie Crompton, taken at Mary agnes Crompton's wedding to Frederic Tibbits 20 June 1900 when she would be five years

Harry Crompton - Thomas and Mary ellen's third child has his own information sheet at 1805info3h

1805info3d, sheet 2
Edith (Popsy) Crompton - Thomas and Mary ellen's fourth child

The Cranswick line is detailed on sheet 5a of John Crompton's tree.

Edith was born 08 December 1897 (GRO ref: Driffield 9d 342) married Donald Cranswick, born 27 March 1896 (GRO ref:  Bridlington 9d 371), on 23 February 1924 in New Zealand, where Edith and Donald died.

Gisbourn District Council record Donald being buried in Taruheru Cemetery Block: RSA Plot #:676 on 18 May 1973.

Right: Edith Cranswick, nee Crompton and Donald with Peter and Heather, about 1930 in New Zealand

Catherine (Kitty) - Thomas and Mary ellen's fifth child

Kitty was born on 25 December 1903 (GRO ref: Driffield 9d 341). In the third quarter of 1927 she married Arthur mervyn Parkin  (GRO ref: Bridlington 9d 811), born in the second quarter of 1900 (GRO ref: Sculcoates 9d 237).

Right: Catherine Crompton around the time of her marriage in 1927

Below: Kitty and Arthur Parkin's children Alec and Roger, circa 1936
Kitty Crompton, circa 1927 - 15kB jpg
Alec and Roger parkin circa 1936 - 15kB jpg
1805info3d, sheet 3
The family lived at 15 Devonshire Road, Sheffield, where their two sons were born there and where, in 1946, Kitty's father Thomas died.

Their first son Alexander J, known as Alec, was born on 31 December 1928(GRO ref: Ecclesall B. 9c 629). The registration district of Ecclesall Bierlow spans the boundaries of the counties of Derbyshire and West Riding of Yorkshire, which on 01 April 1935 was succeeded by Sheffield.

Roger, their second son, was born in the second quarter of 1932 (GRO ref: Ecclesall B. 9c 618).

Right: 15 Devonshire Road, Norton, Sheffield S17 3NT - on the left (Value October 2009. £470000)
15 Devonshire Road, Sheffield - 40kB jpg

Kitty died in Sheffield in January 1987 (GRO ref: Sheffield 3 1672). At the age of 87 Arthur must have returned to Bridlington registration area where he died two months later (GRO ref; Bridlington 7 258).

Roger Parkin - Catherine and Arthur's second son

In first quarter of 1958 Roger married Joyce m Ullyott (GRO ref: Buckrose 2a 49), born second quarter 1935 (GRO ref: Driffield 9d 523).

Roger Parkin returned to the family seat, married in the area and then lived in the old mill at Wansford, just south of Nafferton. He is a mind of information about the life of his grandfather Thomas, his farms and of farming in the Driffield area. He knows many of the farm owners, can recall acreages, the old farming methods and the hearsay of Thomas' family history.

He proudly continued Thomas' association with the Nafferton's Feofee Charity Trust. As one of nine members he was responsible for the cottages for aged people and for distributing modest funds to help individuals or groups living in the ecclesiastical parish of Nafferton with Wansford who are in any kind of need or hardship.

I have benefitted from his hospitality and am indebted to his knowledge and generosity. In 1993 Roger attended the funeral of Ino Tibbits' where he found a box of papers which, I believe, he bought at auction. This box contained the genealogical research of Ino's mother, Mary agnes Tibbits, into the Crompton family, which she started in 1912. I left our first meeting with this treasure to photocopy. It has been the indispensible foundation of much of my research.

1805info3d, sheet 4

Charles (Charlie) Crompton - Thomas and Mary ellen's sixth child

Charles was born on 26 November 1906 (GRO ref: Driffield 9d 340)

Right: Harry, Kitty and Charlie at Cottam in 1913
Harry, Kitty, Charlie at Cottam in 1913 - 33kB jpg

In the second quarter of 1934 he married Ruth Theakstone (GRO ref: Bridlington 9d 833), who was born on 16 August 1914 (GRO ref: Bridlington 9d 741 - mother Charlton). During the War they lived in Burton Agnes. At some time after the birth of their second child the couple divorced.

Their first child Thomas David, known as David was born in the third quarter of 1934 (GRO ref: Bridlington 9d 510). It is believed that David was a chef in Newfoundland.

Judith (Judy) was born in the second quarter of 1936 (GRO ref: Driffield 9d 518). This suggests that the family moved to the Driffield registration district.

Charlie is the Flight Sergeant engineer serving with the RAF in India, referred to in Thomas' letter. He died in Eastbourne in December 1984 (GRO ref: Eastbourne 18 589).

Ruth died in Letchworth Garden City in February 1993 (GRO ref: Stevenage 15b 5371B 173)

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