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The life and death of Captain John Crompton (Jack)

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His death

Registration District Sudbury
1922 DEATH in Sub-District of Bures in the County of West Suffolk
No. When and
Where Died
Name and Surname Sex Age Rank or Profession Cause of
Informant When
Signature of
346 26th March 1922
East Anglian Sanatorium Nayland with Wissington R.D.
John Crompton Male 26 years A Corn Merchant of 22 Cardogan Road Bridlington late of
3rd London Regiment
(1) Pulmonary Tuberculosis Certified by G.Eleanor Soltau, L.R.C.P. H.B.Poole Secretary East Anglian Sanatorium Nayland with Wissington Seventh April 1922 W.T.
Tomkins Registrar
CERTIFIED to be a true Copy of an Entry in the Certified Copy of a Register of Death in the District above mentioned.
Given at the GENERAL REGISTER OFFICE, SOMERSET HOUSE, LONDON under the Seal of the said Office, the 18th day of September, 1922

                                                   AND GENERAL ADVERTISER                                APRIL 8, 1922
The funeral took place at Nafferton on Thursday, of Mr. J Crompton, eldest son of Mr T. Crompton, of Bridlington, and late of Nafferton who died on March 26th, at the East Anglian Sanatorium, Nayland, Suffolk. He received wounds in the lung during the war from which he has since suffered. The Rev. J.F. Wilkinson (vicar) took the service and gave a feeling address in the Church. The mourners consisted of Mr. T. Crompton (father), Mr H. Crompton, Mr C. Crompton, (brothers), Mr & Mrs Chas. Crompton (Wake-field), Mr Crompton (Newcastle), Mr F. Tibbits, Mr T.C. Wilson, Missess Jefferson, Mr W.T. Elgey, Mr J.W. Elgey, Mr H. Pickering (Bridlington), Mr F. Duggleby, Mr H. Duggleby, Mr Wm. Robinson, Dr. Thornley, Mr. Goulding, (County Hall, Beverley), and others. The coffin was covered with the Union Jack. A number of beautiful floral tributes were placed on the coffin.

Source: British Library Newspaper Archives, Colindale, Driffield Time, 1922, shelf 56

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Capt. John Crompton's headstone 2010 - 28kB jpg His memorial stone in Nafferton new churchyard

also to their
beloved eldest son
JOHN Captain 3rd London Regt.
who died March 26th 1922
aged 28 years

John died as a result of Tuberculosis, possibly contracted in the Salonika campaigns of 1915-1916.

His life

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