1805 Info 3c: John Crompton
Mary Ellen Elgey, the wife of Thomas Crompton, b.1837: her origins

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On 27 January 1891 Thomas Crompton married into another farming dynasty, although his bride Mary ellen Elgey was the daughter of James Elgey, Chemist of Market Square, Driffield.
The remaining Elgey family were mostly farmers in the Driffield area, from 1700 until the present day.
Elgey family circa 1867 - Kb jpg
Elgey shop Market Square - Kb jpg
Above: Elgey shop Market Square, Driffield Above: Elgey family circa 1869
John, Charles, James, Ann elizabeth, William
Harry, Mary ellen
1871 Census Sun/Mon. 2/3rd April 1871
Source:      FHL Film  TNA Ref RG10
             Piece: 4807; Folio: 39; Page: 2 
Dwelling:    Market Place, Druggist Shop
Place:       Gt Driffield, York, England

Name                  Rel  Mar  Age  Occupation           Birthplace
James Elgey           Head  M   55   Druggist and Grocer  Yorks, Wetwang
Ann Elgey             Wife  M   50                        Yorks, Sculcoates
James william  Elgey  Son   U   16   Grocer               Yorks, Driffield
Charles arthur Elgey  Son   U   13   Scholar              Yorks, Driffield
Harry Elgey           Son   U   12   Scholar              Yorks, Driffield
Mary ellen Elgey      Dau   U    6   Scholar              Yorks, Driffield                                
William Jackson       App.  U   18   Druggist apprentice  Yorks, Hutton Cranswick
Thomas Hall           App.  U   16   Druggist apprentice  Yorks, Hull
Emma Adamson          Serv  U   21   General Servant      Yorks, Garton  
1881 Census  Sun/Mon 2/3rd April 1881
Source:      FHL Film  TNA Ref RG11
             Piece  4794  Folio 25 Page 1                        
Dwelling:    Chemist, 27 Market Place 
Place:       Gt Driffield, York, England

Name                 Rel  Mar Age Occupation           Birthplace
James Elgey          Head  M  65  Chemist              Yorks, Wetwang
Ann E. Elgey         Wife  M  63  (2nd wife)           Yorks, Gt Driffield     
James W. Elgey       Son   S  26  Grocer               Yorks, Gt Driffield
Mary E. Elgey        Dau   S  16                       Yorks, Gt Driffield
Francis J Masterman  App.     17  Druggist apprentice  Yorks, Gt Driffield
John Poshee          App.     17  Grocer               Yorks, Scarborough
Charles W Ringrose   App      14  Druggist Apprentice  Yorks, Cottam
Elizabeth A Haknor   Serv     16  Housemaid            Yorks, Harpham
Emma H Foster        Serv     30  Cook                 Yorks, Patrington Haven
1805info3c, sheet 2
              c.27aug1815 Driffield      
              d.14sep1900 Driffield                             
              m1.1stQt1842 Hull  ...................m2.10feb1877
              |                                     |  
              Ann elizabeth                         Ann elizabeth 
              Thornhill                             Deighton    (nee Robinson)   
              c.29dec1820  Holy Trinity, Hull       b.16jun1817  Great Driffield     
              d.14jun1875  Driffield 9d 222         d.2ndQt1889  Driffield 9d 217 
              |                                     **********************
              |   Christened Great Driffield
Elizabeth     John           James (Jim)     Charles          Harry         Mary  
ann           thornhill      william         arthur           |             ellen       
|             (Farmer)       (Grocer)        (Farmer)         (Banker)      (Nellie)
b.3rdQt1844   b.2ndQt1849    b. no record    b.2ndQt1857      b.2ndQt1859   b.05jun1864 Driffield 9d 255
c.14oct1844   c.18mar1849    c.28sep1854     c.03jun1857      c.01may1859   c.01jul1864
d.15mar1938   d.24jul1914    d.13feb1927     d.4thQt1900      d.3rdQt1941   d.30jul1944 Buckrose 9d 35
|             |              |               |                |             |
m.3rdQt1869?  m1.2ndQt1876   m.05mar1884     m.4thQt1878      m.03apr1884   m.27jan1891
|             | Malton       | Spalding      |                | Hessle      |           
Robert        Alice          Mary elizabeth  Alice elenor w.  Alice mary    Thomas
Wright        Metcalf        Bingham         Duggleby         Jackson       Crompton    
b.3rdQt1845   b.2ndQt1855    b.1stQt1865?    b.26jan1856      b.13may1857   b.21nov1867 Driffield 9d 256
c.Sculcoates  c.             c.02mar1856?    | Cottam Grange  c.            c.18dec1867
d.4thQt1886   d.3rdQt1882?   d.01may1927     d.3rdQt1882?     d.1stQt1930   d.15nov1946 Sheffield 2d 296?
|                                                                           |
|=================|=============|=========||                                |
Anne              Kate ellen    James Wm.                                   |
elizabeth (Lilly) (Kitty)                                                   |
b.                b....1878/9   b...jan1881                                 |
d.                d.            d.                                          |
|                                                                           |
m.1893                                                                      |
|                              Thomas Crompton's brother                    |
Charles william ------------------------------------------------------------- 
Charles             Leila             Ruthie  
reginald (Reg)      wright (Selena)   
b.2ndQt1899         b.06dec1900       b.30may1908      
d.25apr1918         d.08feb1971       d.08nov1972               
  DOW Doullens        *********       

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