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Précis and commentary of the Will of


of Frankley, Staffordshire
Dated, but not signed, 20 December 1649


The will of Sir Thomas Littleton is unusual as few beneficiaries, including his immediate family, are mentioned. Whilst certain farms are listed, there is no great detail of his property or indication of his general wealth. The care of his soul appears to be more important, being spread over the first thirteen lines.


His wife, Catherine, is not mentioned by name. She receives the:

Of his children, only three are named:

Gifts are given to near relatives. To his:

Sir Thomas records more philanthropic gifts than family gifts:

1600will1649précis, sheet 2

The naming of Executors is complex. Though Sherrington Talbot, William Bromley and William Mutklow’s names are mentioned five times in the course of the will, Thomas’ wife, Dame Catherine, was the sole Executor. However, Sharrington Talbot, William Mutklow Esq, and John Tracy were also to over see the will. On this occasion, though mentioned on three occasions William Bromley’s name was omitted.

The will was dated 20 December 1649, but not signed.

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