1803 Info 6 for Thomas Crompton
Thomas Crompton Wilson's letter of 1912

Transcribed from the letter of Thomas Crompton WILSON, grandchild of Thomas CROMPTON, born.1803, to his niece Mary Agnes TIBBITS, nee CROMPTON, known as Poppy or Pop and now married to Fred TIBBITS. It is at about this time that Mary Agnes TIBBITS started her research in to the Cromptons.

N [orth] Dalton Feb 23 1912
[Bainton Field House?]

Dear Poppy,

Your letter recd. this morning re Crompton Acenstri. [sic]
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I will try to answer your questions to my best ability. I am using a large sheet but I thought it might be better than a number of small ones.

The oldest Crompton we really know of was Thos Crompton who was supposed to have come to Bridlington about 1750 and settled down and married a Miss Edmond (and had one son Thomas Richardson Crompton) and his wife died and at the age of 70 married his housekeeper and had one daughter, Mary who married James Jordan late of Speeton and you can find a daughter of James Jordan & Mary in the wife of Frank Wood farmer & milk seller, Spring Head Farm Hessle.

Thos. Crompton died at the age of 82 in 1822 and was buried in the Priory Church, Bridlington this man had a brother a ships captain of him I know nothing. [Caleb1772 - see below]

It was always understood they came from Nottingham district but as you say he was quiet on the subject

Thomas R. Crompton married a Miss Hyde of Barmston and had a large family
Thomas my grandfather,
John your grandfather
James who died age 94
William was Killed at Nafferton by falling of a stack
Edmond who died early and had 3 daughters
and he died at Nafferton and is buried there he would die about 1848 or so.

My Mother remembers well. he bought by Houndales and lost £10,000 by the deal as it was proved the people who sold it did not possess it. It has always been thought that this man was heir to some money and if he had made of his chance would have got it. the tale is a solicitor came for him in a cab twice but he would do nothing as he had lost over Houndales and said it would turn out similar.

My grandfather was buried at Priory Bridlington in 1862 and was the eldest son and brother of your grandfather, Thomas R. Crompton was his father as you will see we have no old bible.

Your grandfather died 1872

My grandfather was born in 1804 [22 December 1803].

There are some Cromptons buried at Little Driffield but whether are descended from them I dont [sic] know.
1803info6, sheet 2
The Jefferson‘s have some book which have some entries that might be interesting to you in your research. also you might find something in Burkes extinct peerage.

It has been said that Scampeton belonged to some Miss Crompton and was got wrongly and that the Park is haunted by a lady at nights walking about, and some think that was what the Sol. wanted with T.R.C. but it may be all nothing.

If you could have any money it would be a good job whoever got it but the first is there any to get or rather is there any for getting in Chancery.

I have just thought I might find something of use in some old papers I have and I find something that rather puzzles me, that is and old Will of a Caleb Crompton dated 1727 Master Mariner who leaves his property to his wife Rebecca & only daughter Jane.

I also have a sch. of the property of the first Thos. at Bridlington & Nafferton the first date of this 1772, so it appears the Cromptons must have been in Bridlington longer than we have thought that is by Caleb. your grandfather had a brother called Caleb who went to Australia as a young man and when doing well was thrown from his horse and killed.

It is about midnight so I must close this old rigmarole hoping it may be of some use to you. Mr. [Jas ] Wood may be some use to you your husband will know him and she is a very nice homely body and would be glad to see you I am sure-

So much for Cromptons.

Mrs. Wilson has come down to day from a touch of Bronchits [sic] is that spell - rightly for 10 day‘s she has been rather bad. Eleen [sic] has had a bad cold well she really began first after me I think in Meggies case it was the 'flu'. however is about all right again.

Mother was a week in bed with cold about 3 weeks ago but is now quite well and looks well her eyesight is failing or she is wonderful. at Middleton where Isabel has been for 4 weeks she is not real well but woudnt [sic] own to being amiss.

I saw your mother a week ago she looked well I thought, Meggie & Eileen send their love and say they hope that you will be able to come and see us this year at one or other of the Bank Holidays or anytime for that matter.

I am happy to say we have got a good servant and hope that you are well suited We should all like to see your home very much. I must now shut up, if there is anything I could help to in shall be pleased. It has just struck me are you & Fred thinking of Continuing the line that make you so anfious [sic].

Believe me
Your affectionately

Mr Thos C. Wilson

Notes: Frank Wood

Alternative information places Frank WOOD as being christened in Upper Poppleton, York and living at Spring Head, Anlaby, Hull not Hessle, Hull. The 1881 census FHL Film 1342147 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 4748 Folio 41 Page 3 places him at Springhead, Cottingham and Haltemprice, York, England. There are several modern streets beginning Springhead off the Anlaby Road.

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