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Mary Agnes Crompton and Fred Tibbits

Mary agnes CROMPTON, who married Fredric TIBBITS on 20 June 1900, is responsible for the early investigations in to the origin of the line of Thomas of Bridlington.  On the death of their daughter, Ino, her box of papers was discovered at the sale of properties. The contents showed that extensive research had taken place, with Postal Orders for 7 shillings and 6 pence (37?p) being sent to genealogists in York, Leeds and Birmingham, who investigated the Driffield branch of the family name.

The family of Fred TIBBITS

1881 Census  Sun/Mon 2/3rd April 1881
Source:      FHL Film  TNA Ref RG11 
             Piece 3373 Folio 103 Page 13
Dwelling:    The Manor
Place:       Broadholme, Nottingham, England

Name              Rel  Mar Age  Occupation           Birthplace
John HT Tibbits   Head  M   44  Farmer of 230 acres  Nottingham, Basford 
                                employing 5 lab
Kate Ino Tibbits  Wife  M  46                        Notts, Brockley,    
John Tibbits       Son  M  19   Scholar              Notts, Broadholme
Henry Tibbits      Son  M  15   Scholar              Notts, Broadholme
Sydney Tibbits     Son  M   9   Scholar              Notts, Broadholme
Fredric Tibbits    Son  M   7   Scholar              Notts, Broadholme
Mary A Cashson    Serv  U  18   Housemaid            Lincoln, Waddington
Alice Hackney     Serv  U  22   Cook                 Lincoln, Hackthorn
Samuel Bell       Serv  U  16   Farm Serv (Indoors)  Notts, East Bridgford,     
John Cook         Serv  U  18   Farm Serv (Indoors)  Lincoln, Sturton
GRO deaths
Kate Ino Tibbits  June Qrt 1893 Newark vol.73  p.209  (Broadholme)

Frederic's mother is the source for the name of his and Mary Agnes' daughter.

1881 Census  Sun/Mon 2/3rd April 1881
Source:      FHL Film  TNA Ref RG11
             Piece 1493 Folio 106 Page 26
Dwelling:    Institution: "Grammar School"   Priest End
Place:       Thame, Oxford, England

Name               Rel     Mar Age  Occupation        Birthplace
Charles Tibbits    Boarder  U   14  Scholar           Notts, Broadholme    
Walter J. Tibbits  Boarder  U   12  Scholar           Notts, Broadholme    

The fact that John HT TIBBITS could afford to send two of his sons to boarding school suggests that he had a substantial income from his 230 acre farm. This affluence may account for the grandeur of Fred and Mary Agnes' first home in Hull.

1805info5a, sheet 2
1891 Census   Sun/Mon 5/6th April 1891
Source:       FHL Film  TNA Ref RG12
              Piece 2711  Folio 85 Page 10 
Place:        Broadholme, Nottinghamshire, England     

                    Rel  Mar Age  Occupation           Birthplace
John Henry Tibbits  Head  M  54   Farmer               Notts, Basford    
Ino Kate Tibbits    Wife  M  56                        Lincoln, Brocklesby
Henry Tibbits       Son   S  25   Lace Saleman         Notts, Broadholme 
Charles Tibbits     Son   S  24   Farmers son          Notts, Broadholme 
William jee Tibbits Son   S  22   Lace Salesman        Notts, Broadholme 
Sidney Tibbits      Son   S  19                        Notts, Broadholme 
Frederick Tibbits   Son   S  17                        Notts, Broadholme 
George Dove         Serv  S  19   Farm Serv            Lincoln, Ancaster    
Ada Broddle         Serv  S  18   Housemaid domestic   Lincoln, Nettleham                
Harriet Broxson     Serv  S  18   Cook Domestic        Lincoln, Sotby        
Daniel G Millson    Serv  S  17   Farm Serv            Lincoln, Branston

Fred and Mary's marriage certificate

Marriage solemnized at The Parish Church in the Parish of Bridlington in the County of York
Name and
Age Condition Rank or
Residence Father's
121 Fredric
27 Bachelor Corn Agent 32 Harley Street
John Henry Thomas
June 20th
Mary Agnes
27 Spinster   Armandale,
Cambridge Street,
Thomas Crompton
In the Presence of us Charles Tibbits, Margaret Louisa Crompton
By me J Moga????, Curate of Nafferton with Wansford

Right: Fred and Mary's wedding photograph.

Back row:
Charles CROMPTON, Elizabeth CROMPTON,
nee Wright, Ellen CROMPTON (?),
Rev.J Moga????
Front row:
Margaret Louisa CROMPTON
(later Duggleby), Fred, Mary Agnes, Unknown bridesmaid - perhaps one of Mary Agnes' sisters.
Child: Marjory CROMPTON
Fred and Mary's wedding 34Kb-jpg
        Driffield Times, 23 June 1900
   At the Priory Church, Bridlington,
  June 20th, Frederic, youngest son of
  J.H. Tibbits, of Broadholme Manor,
  Notts, to Mary Agnes, eldest
  daughter of the late Thomas
  Crompton, of Lowthorpe.
1805info5a, sheet 3

Their home in 1901

1901 Census
Source:          FHL Film  PRO Ref RG13
                 Piece 4470  Folio 64  Page 28
Dwelling:        107 Victoria Avenue
Place:           Sculcoates, Kingston upon Hull, York, England

Name             Rel  Age Sex Occupation           Status  Birthplace 
Fredric Tibbits  Head  27  M  Corn oil Cake Agent  Worker  Notts, Broadholme                           
Mary Tibbits     Wife  27  F                               Yorks, Lowthorpe
Edith Porter     Serv  15  F  General Domestic             Yorks, Earls Heaton

The Occupation of the other householders support the general 1901 affluence: solicitor, bank accountant, marine surveyor, oil merchant, a merchant commercial clerk and one gentleman 'living on own means'. All but two of the seven house had 'general domestic' servants. This property may have been purchased from the income of the Manor Farm.

107 Victoria Avenue north west of the city centre is situated in the postal district of HU5, in an area of large Victorian semi development: the five, widely spaced, most beautiful, parallel 'avenues' with long gardens. Bay windowed frontages open onto tiled hallways, behind which are two good sized reception rooms, another big room and then the kitchen. Some houses have attics, which would have been the accommodation for the 'domestic servants'.

Arguably this beautiful area is the place to live in Hull. Spectacular fountains are centred in the roundabouts that lead into the 'avenues' and ornate plaster work and brick adorn the houses at intersections with Salisbury Street.

The area is currently being restored into expensive flats. Subsidence, perhaps caused by the natural springs and water table of Spring Bank, close to where 107 once stood are shored and more modern buildings have been build on the site of 107.
The Avenue, Hull  164Kb-jpg
Above: The Avenue by James Neal c.1985
1911 Census:           Sun/Mon 2nd April/3rd April 1911
Source TNA Ref:        RG14 PN28540  
       Reg. Gen. Ref:  RG78 PN1639 RegDist:  SubDist: South Cave 
                       En.Dist: Elloughton with Brough Sched: 129
Dwelling:              Linden Cottage           
Place:                 Elloughton, Brough            
Rooms in dwelling, other than scullery, landing, lobby, closet, bathroom: Seven
Years married:         10
Children:              Alive none, dead none 

Name                Rel  Age Mar  Occupation         Status  Birthplace 
Frederic Tibbits    Head  37  M   Corn & Cake Agent  Worker  Notts, Broadholme
Mary Agnes Tibbits  Wife  37  M                              Yorks, Lowthorpe
1805info5a, sheet 4
Aerial view of Elloughton village - 205kB jpg Elloughton is situated north-west of Hull off the A63, which leads to the M62.

Right: Aerial view of Elloughton village 2009
In 1912 the family was living at Thorpe Cottage, Brantingham, East Yorkshire, which is adjacent to the A63, north-west of Hull. The cottage is just up the road from Elloughton and is located to the right of the Post Office just inside the estate gates.

Below: An aerial view of Thorpe Cottage, Brantingham
Their Brantingham home  50Kb-jpg
Aerial view of Thorpe Cottage, Brantingham - 204kB jpg
1805info5a, sheet 5

Their daughter Ino Mary TIBBITS

I am indebted to John and Marion Britt for the following information.

In 1964 my wife and I moved to Skellingthorpe, near Lincoln and our neighbour living at ?Thorpe Cottage? was Ino Mary TIBBITS. Maybe the name of her Skellingthorpe bungalow was taken from the Thorpe Cottage, at Brantingham, East Yorkshire. Broadholme Manor, the home of John H.T. TIBBITS, is about three miles from the village of Skellingthorpe.
Miss TIBBITS lived there with her partner Walter james Clingo, born 1901 at Downham, Norfolk and died in 1990. He had retired as the gamekeeper at the Doddington Hall estate, near Lincoln. They left Skellingthorpe in the late 1960?s and moved to Goulceby, near Louth, Lincolnshire, where Miss TIBBITS died in 1993.
Miss TIBBITS was a charming, cultured woman and reading your resume of the TIBBITS of Broadholme; it would be an easy assumption to make, that her father Fredric, may have benefited from a private education that had ?rubbed off? on his daughter.
She welcomed us to the village and with her encouragement, my wife joined the Women?s Institute and we both joined her as regular worshippers at the village church.
We will always owe her a great debt of gratitude and remember her with much affection.

It was Ino's Box, bought by Roger Parkin at her house clearance shortly after her funeral, that contained the early genealogical works of Mary Agnes.

1915 Birth in Sub-district of South Cave in the County of York
No When and
where born
Name Sex Name of
Name of
Rank or
Informant When
72 Sixteenth
Brantingham R.D.
Girl Frederic
Mary Agnes
Corn &
F. Tibbits

Other TIBBITS around 1901

1901 Census   Sun/Mon 31st March/1st April 1901
Source:       FHL Film  TNA Ref RG13
              Piece 3195  Folio 84  Page 10
Dwelling:     Manor House
Place:        Broadholme, Notts, England

Name               Rel  Mar Age Occupation            Status      Birthplace
John H. Tibbits    Head Wid 64  Farmer                E 'at home' Notts, Basford
Henry Tibbits      Son   S  35  Lace agent            Own account Notts, Broadholme
Walter Tibbits     Son   S  32  Manager ladies shirt  Worker      Notts, Broadholme
Sydney Tibbits     Son   S  29  Farmer's son          Worker      Notts, Broadholme
Annie Spencer      Serv  S  40  Housekeeper/Domestic  Worker      Linc, North Somerestes
R??ear Williamson  Vis   S  36  Manager for Telephone Worker      Cheshire, Bollington
Martha Lowman      Serv  S  18  Cook/Domestic         Worker      Linc, Peasholmes
Rose A Lowman      Serv  S  17  Housemaid/Domestic    Worker      Linc, Peasholmes
William Nicholson  Serv  S  17  Waggoner on farm      Worker      Linc, Suscilley

1805info5a, sheet 6
1901 Census   Sun/Mon 31st March/1st April 1901
Source:       FHL Film  TNA Ref RG13
              Piece 3057  Folio 113 Page 10
Place:        Doddington, Lincoln, England

Name               Rel   Mar Age  Occupation              Status    Birthplace
Charles Tibbits    Head   S  34   Farmer                  Employer  Notts, Broadholme
Sarah Barnes       Serv   S  51   Housekeeper (Domes)               Lincs, Skeltingthorpe
Charlotte Bell     Serv   S  17   General servant (Domes)           Lincs, Saxilby
Fred Clark         Serv   S  17   Waggoner on farm        Worker    Lincs, Southorpe
Herbert Bell       Serv   S  15   Waggoner on farm        Worker    Lincs, Saxilby

The 1901 census shows several TIBBITS in the Banbury area of Oxfordshire. Could this family have stemmed from one of the boys who returned to Oxfordshire?

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