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William and John Lowther


William was born in the third quarter of 1838 (GRO ref: Beverley 23 6) and was christened on 04 September 1838 at St Mary and St. Nicholas, Beverley.

1851 Census      Sun/Mon 30/31st March 1851
Source:          Ref H1O7; Piece: 2359; Folio: 585; Page: 2; Sched: 7
Dwelling:        Beckside
Place:           Beverley, York ER, England

Name                     Rel  Mar  Age  Occupation             Birthplace
James Botterill Lowther Head   M    37  Coal Merchant          Yorks, Beverley
Martha Lowther          Wife   M    34                         Yorks, Nafferton
William Lowther          Son   U    12  Scholar                Yorks, Beverley 
John Lowther             Son   U     8  Scholar                Yorks, Beverley 
Elizabeth Gessop        Serv   U    21  General house servant  Yorks, Leckonfield

William Lowther has not been found in 1861 census.

1871 Census      Sun/Mon. 2/3rd April 1871
Source:          RG10;  Piece: 4779;  Folio: 73;  Page: 36; Schd: 277
Dwelling:        7 De la Pole Place  
Place:           Drypool, Kingston upon Hull, York ER, England

Name              Rel  Mar  Age  Occupation     Birthplace
George Harper    Head   M   55   Dock Gateman   Yorks, South Cave
Mary Harper      Wife   M   52                  Yorks, Hull
William Lowther  Lodg   M   30   Engineer       Yorks, Beverley 

William married Elizabeth MALBY in the second quarter of 1876 (GRO ref: Caistor 7a 1404)  Caistor is in Lincolnshire. Elizabeth was born in the fourth quarter of 1838 (GRO ref: Caistor 24 276). He had a short marriage as William LOWTHER died aged 38 in the first quarter of 1877 in Kirton Lindsey, Lincolnshire (GRO ref: Glanford Brigg, 7a 453). This is several years before the death of his brother John in 1896.

Lincoln Gazette, Saturday 3rd March 1877 page 5
DEATHS: At Kirton on the 19th February 1877, William Lowther aged 38.

Probate 26 May 1877
LOWTHER, William,
The Will of William Lowther late of Kirton in Lindsey in the County of Lincoln, Gentleman who died 19 February 1877, at Kirton was proved at Lincoln by Elizabeth LOWTHER of Kirton Widow the Relict the sole Executrix

It has not been possible to find any more information about Elizabeth LOWTHER.

1817info1c, sheet 2

John LOWTHER was born in the third quarter of 1841 (GRO ref: Beverley 23 7) and was christened at St Mary and St Nicholas, Beverley on 24th October 1841.

John Lowther, as the younger son, did not follow the family business but was apprenticed to John Green a local Printer and Bookseller of Saturday Market, Beverley.

1861 Census       Sun/Mon. 7/8th April 1861
Source:           RG09; Piece: 3570; Folio: 25; Page: 4; Sched: 26;
Dwelling:         Crane Hill 
Place:            Beverley, York ER, England

Name              Rel  Mar  Age  Occupation                         Birthplace 
James B Lowther   Wid   M    47  Coal and general merchant & town   Yorks, Beverley
                                 councillor employing 10 men
John Lowther      Son   U    19  Apprentice*                        Yorks, Beverley 
Martha Pennington Serv  U    16  General servant                    Lancs, Bolton
Thomas Lowther    Neph  U    12  Scholar                            Yorks, Beverley

By 1871 John Lowther had served his apprenticeship and was in business for himself. His obituary records that 'having obtained a practical knowledge of the printing art, he proceeded to London at the expiration of his servitude and was employed in some of the best commercial printing establishments, including Messrs, Skipper and East's and the Crystal Palace Printing Company.

1871 census      Sun/Mon. 2/3rd April 1871
Source           RG10; Piece: 4565; Folio: 133; Page: 3; Sched: 14
Dwelling         37 Caledonian Road
Place            Leeds, Yorkshire

Name              Rel  Mar  Age  Occupation             Birthplace 
Hannah Kay       Head   W   68   Lodging house keeper   Yorks, Ossett
Sarah Kay         Dau   S   30   Lodging house keeper   Yorks, Thornton
Emma Kethlewith   Dau   W   34   Lodging house keeper   Yorks, Thornton  
John Lowther     Lodg   S   28   Printer and Stationer  Yorks, Beverley

In 1874 John's father, James Botterrill Lowther, unexpectedly died and John, who at the time was working in London, had to abandon his trade and return to Beverley to take on the family business. Why his elder brother William did not take on the business is not clear - perhaps he could not be contacted.

The following year John Lowther married Sarah Elizabeth OXLEY in the first quarter of 1875 (GRO ref: Bridlington 9d 439).

York Herald, Saturday 8th March 1875, page 5
MARRIAGES: On the 1st inst., at Holy Trinity church, Bridlington Quay, Mr. John Lowther, merchant, son of the late Mr. J.B. Lowther, to Sarah Elizabeth, daughter of the late Mr. B. Oxley, all of Beverley.

1817info1c, sheet 3
1881 Census          Sun/Mon 2/3rd April 1881
Source:              RG11 Piece: 4742; Folio: 35; Page: 4; Sched: 19; 
Dwelling:            Crane Hill                   
Place:               Beverley, York ER, England

Name                  Rel  Mar Age Occupation                     Birthplace
John Lowther         Head   M  39  Coal merchant employing 9 men  Yorks, Beverley
Sarah Elis. Lowther  Wife   M  39  Merchant's wife            Yorks, Beverley
Rachel Oxley Lowther  Dau       4                                 Yorks, Beverley
James R. Lowther      Son       1                                 Yorks, Beverley
Elizabeth Woodward   Serv   U  19  General servant domestic       Yorks, Sigglesthorne
Rebecca Hewson       Serv   U  14  Nurse maid domestic            Yorks, Hull
1891 Census          Sun/Mon 5/6th April 1891
Source:              Ref RG12;  Piece: 3908; Folio: 110; Page: 3; Sched: 16
Dwelling:            Crane House Beckside,
Place:               Beverley, Yorks ER, England

Name                      Rel Mar Age Occupation                        Birthplace 
John Lowther             Head  M  49  Merchant (Coal)         Employer  Yorks, Beverley
Sarah Elizabeth Lowther  Wife  M  49                                    Yorks, Beverley
James Robert Lowther      Son     11  Scholar                           Yorks, Beverley
Emily Dean               Serv  U  19  Cook, domestic servant            Yorks, Driffield
Agnes Loft               Serv  U  15  Domestic servant                  Yorks, Hull

Bulmer's Directory of Beverley for 1892 records that John LOWTHER was a coal merchant, dealer in sand, stock and fire bricks, pan tiles, drain pipes, etc; Alderman of Beverley Town Council, Crane Hill [Wharf], Beckside. In 1895 John LOWTHER retired as an Alderman of Beverley. 1

Beverley Independent, Saturday 23 May 1896 page 3
Ex-Alderman John Lowther, of Beverley, we regret to state, is in a most precarious state of health. He has been prostrate for a fortnight.

John LOWTHER died in 1896 aged 54 (GRO ref: Beverley 9d 68) and is buried in Cartwright Lane the cemetery for Beverley Minster.

Beverley Independent,  Saturday 30 May 1896, page 3
Death of Ex-Alderman Lowther, of Beverley The intimation we gave in our issue last week of the serious illness of Mr. John Lowther, of Crane Hill, Beverley, would to a certain extent prepare our readers for the inevitable, which we had reason to fear was not far off.
    The end came on Thursday morning, about three o'clock, when after several hours of only partial consciousness, he passed peacefully away.
    Mr. Lowther was 51 years of age. He was apprenticed to the late Mr. John Green, printer and bookseller, and having obtained a practical knowledge of the printing art, he proceeded to London at the expiration of his servitude and was employed in some of the best commercial printing establishments, including Messrs, Skipper and East's and the Crystal Palace Printing Company.
    On the death of his father,(1874), Mr. James Botterrill Lowther, his son, the present deceased, was summoned from London to take charge of the large coal, brick, and timber business which Mr. Lowther, senior had founded. This he continued to do up to the time of his death.
    After settling down in Beverley he took an active part in municipal and political matters. He was elected a representative of the Minster Ward on more than one occasion, and was ultimately rewarded for the several gallant fights he had made in municipal contests, successful and unsuccessful, by receiving the honour of a seat on the Aldermanic bench. At the expiration of his term of office he did not seek re-election, preferring to lead a more retired life. In imperial politics be was an ardent and consistent conservative, and in Beverley Commander Bethel, M.P., had no more loyal supporter.
    As a private individual he had a large and generous heart, as many at Beckside and elsewhere could testify. Indeed his acts of kindness were proverbial. He has been suffering from the illness, which terminated fatally, for some weeks past.
    Mr Lowther married the eldest daughter of the late Mr. Robert Oxley, butcher, who, with a son and daughter, mourn his loss. His only brother died a few years back at Kirton in Lindsey [Gainsborough].
    The funeral will take place this morning, leaving the house at ten o'clock.
1817info1c, sheet 4
PROBATE: 1st July 1896
LOWTHER John of Beverley coal merchant, died 28th May 1896,
Probate YORK 1st July to Sarah Elizabeth Lowther widow.
Effects; £2330 2s 4d

His widow, Sarah Elizabeth, died two years later, on 12 January 1898, aged 55 (GRO ref: Beverley 9d 80) and is buried, with her husband, in Cartwright Lane the cemetery for Beverley Minster.

Yorkshire Evening Post, Thursday 13 January 1898, page 2
DEATHS: LOWTHER. January 12, at Crane Hill, Beverley, aged 55 years, Sarah Elizabeth, widow the late John Lowther
Interment tomorrow (Friday), St. Martin's Cemetery, 11 a.m.

PROBATE: 19 February 1898
LOWTHER Sarah Elizabeth of Beverley widow died 12 January 1898.
Administration YORK 19 February to Rachel Oxley LOWTHER spinster Effects £3414 4s 5d
This advertisement, placed in the Beverley Independent shows the range of general building products, in addition to coal, that was sold from the Lowther land at Beckside. It also reassures customers of the on going 'family business', though it doesn't define who 'Mt Lowther's family' are.

Right: Lowther advert in the Beverley Independent of 26 February 1898 six weeks after Sarah Elizabeth's death
Lowther advert Independet 26feb1898 - 31kB jpg

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