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William's christening was registered at Bridlington in 1808.

Source: IGI v.4
William  Pnts: Richardson/Martha  Male Christening  02apr1808  Bridlington

William CROMPTON (M)  C: 2 Apr 1808                         Ba: C105873
Father: Thomas Richardson CROMPTON  Bridlington, Yorkshire  So: 919162
Mother: Martha

Bullen‘s Hill Farm - 1841 census

The 1841 census records a William and James CROMPTON living at Bullen‘s Hill Farm located north east of North Newbald, SE940375 OS 1:50 000 Landranger 106, on a rolling arable hillside. Given that James and Fanny‘s family match known facts then it seems that William, the tenant or farm owner, employed brother James as his agricultural labourer.
Bullen's landscape - 25Kb-jpg

Aerial photograph of Bullen's Farm 2007 - 69Kb jpg
Above: Aerial photograph of Bullen's Farm in 2007
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1808info1, sheet 2
1841 Census Sun/Mon  6/7 June 1841
Source:      FHL Film PRO Ref HO107      
             Piece: 1219; Book: 9; Folio: 21; Page: 13
Dwelling:    Bullons Hill
Place:       North Newbald, York, England

Name             Age Occupation     
William Crompton  30 Farmer
James Crompton    32
Fanny Crompton    25
Thomas Crompton    2
William Crompton   2mth
Charles Jackson   25 Foreman
Elizbth Smelt     18 Serv
William Crompton census 1841 - 79Kb gif
Above: William and his brother James at Bullens Farm, North Newbald, in the 1841 census

In the earlier days there had been two farms - the farm house further down the farm road had stood, open to the sky, to first floor height before falling down in the 1980s. According to the owner, the present farmhouse is Edwardian. It was, however, possible that the original Bullen‘s Farm house had stood on the site of the Edwardian building. Many of the out buildings appear to be ‘original‘ with the lower courses built of stone courses, now surmounted by red brick, and could have dated from William and James‘ day. Edwardian farm house 25Kb-jpg
1808info1, sheet 3
Round the back of the modern grain store is a red bricked building which is believed to be an original "one up-one down house" with barn and a twelve horse stable attached. The copper, to heat the water, is still inside the down stairs room. The upper floor has been converted into a hay loft. It is possible that James and Fanny lived here and that Fanny was William's house keeper in the 'big house'. But note that the census also records a 'foreman' and 'servant'. The original farm house? 38Kb-jpg

In 1841, after the census of 6 June, William married Sarah HORNSEY, daughter of Richard and Sarah HORNSEY farmers of North Newbald, in the fourth quarter of 1841 (GRO ref: Beverley 23 25) .

The IGI records shows several Crompton children born to William and Sarah in North Newbald. Their second child, Richard Hornsey, kept his mothers maiden name.

Source: IGI
Sarah Crompton C: 29 May 1842 Ba: C109291
 Father: William Crompton, North Newbald, Yorkshire So: 991078
 Mother: Sarah Crompton

Richard Hornsey Crompton C: 19 Nov 1843 Ba: C109291
 Father: William Crompton, North Newbald, Yorkshire So: 991078
 Mother: Sarah Crompton

William Crompton C: 29 Jul 1845 BA: C109291
 Father: William Crompton, North Newbald, Yorkshire So: 991078
 Mother: Sarah Crompton

The 1851 census confirms William's status as a farmer/tenant of the 104 acres on Bullens Hill and introduces his new daughter Martha. There is no mention of Richard HORNSEY, nor of Naomi. Whilst brother James had left for Scarborough, William nor his wife or his wife's family were wealthy enough to employ two male farm servants and an indoor servant.

1851 Census       Sun/Mon 30/31st March 1851       
Source:           FHL Film  TNA Ref HO 107  
                  Piece: 2359; Folio: 26; Page: 14; Sched: 48
Dwelling:         Bullens Hill
Place:            North Newbald, York, England

Name               Rel Mar Age Occupation           Birthplace 
William Crompton  Head  M  42  Farmer of 104 acres  Yorks, Bridlington
Sarah Crompton    Wife  M  36  Farmer's wife        Yorks, N Newbald
William Crompton   Son      5  Farmer's son         Yorks, N Newbald
Martha Crompton    Dau      2  Farmer's daur        Yorks, N Newbald
James Wilson      Serv  U  23  Farm servant         Yorks, Leckonfield [sic]
John Collingt[on] Serv  U  17  Farm servant         Yorks, Leckonfield [sic]
Hannah Gridow     Serv  U  21  House servant        Yorks, Bewholme
1808info1, sheet 4

At the time of the 1851 census Sarah, William's eldest daughter, was living with her grandparents in North Newbald. She is recorded as an eight year old scholar. It is suggested that the farm was too far from the village for an eight year old to walk twice a day. This census record confirms the parentage of William's wife. With 292 acres Richard HORNSEY had a considerable farm. Did William CROMPTON manage Bullen's Farm for Richard HORNSEY?

1851 Census      Sun/Mon 30/31st March 1851
Source:          FHL Film  TNA Ref HO 107
                 Piece: 2359; Folio: 6; Page: 4; Sched: 17
Dwelling:        Green
Place:           North Newbald, York, England

Name             Rel  Mar Age Occupation                    Birthplace 
Richard Hornsey  Head  M  77  Farmer 292 acres emply 5 men  Yorks, Newbald
Sarah Hornsey    Wife  M  74                                Yorks, Newbald
Samuel Hornsey   Son   U  41  Son employed on farm          Yorks, Newbald
Sarah Crompton   GDau      8  Scholar                       Yorks, Newbald
Hannah Hotham    Serv     18  House serv                    Yorks, Holme
Richard Tindale  Serv     27  Ag. Lab                       Yorks, Newbald
Jim Walton(?)    Serv     20  Ag. Lab                       Yorks, North Cave

This record also introduces Richard TINDALE, whose descendants married in to the Kneeshaws and then into the family of James CROMPTON, through John Harper CROMPTON.

IGI also records another child, Joseph, born to William and Sarah CROMPTON, being christened in Nafferton in 1854.

Source: IGI
Joseph Crompton C: 30 Oct 1854                 Ba: C106381
 Father: William Crompton Nafferton, Yorkshire So: 919220
 Mother: Sarah Crompton

The 1861 census confirms that William and his family returned to Nafferton, where Joseph was born in late 1854. William is now classified as a farmer labourer. Is this because he was no longer able to work on the farm of his retired father-in-law?

1861 Census Sun/Mon. 7/8th April 1861
Source:     FHL Film  TNA Ref RG09
            Piece: 3608; Folio: 59; Page: 2;  Sched: 9 
Dwelling:   Gibson's Yard  
Place:      Nafferton, York, England

Name              Rel  Mar Age  Occupation        Birthplace 
William Crompton  Head  M  53   Farmers labourer  Yorks, Bridlington
Sarah Crompton    Wife  M  48                     Yorks, Newbald 
William Crompton  Son   U  14   Scholar           Yorks, Newbald
Mary Crompton     Dau      8    Scholar           Yorks, Newbald
Joseph Crompton   Son      6    Scholar           Yorks, Nafferton

In the 1881 census Joseph was a shepherd visiting his sister Mary and her husband Richard CHAPLIN.

It wasn't until the 1871 census that William Jnr. is recorded as having the disability of a lame leg.

1871 Census Sun/Mon. 2/3rd April 1871
Source:      FHL Film  TNA Ref RG10
             Piece: 4807; Folio: 92; Page: 20; Sched: 110
Dwelling:    Middle Street
Place:       Nafferton, York, England

Name              Rel  Mar  Age  Occupation              Birthplace
William Crompton  Head  M   63   Ag Lab                  Yorks, Bridlington
Sarah Crompton    Wife  M   59                           Yorks, Newbald 
William Crompton  Son   U   24   None, Disability LAME   Yorks, Newbald 
Martha Crompton   Dau   U   22   Infant school Mistress  Yorks, Newbald 
Mary E Crompton   Dau   U   19                           Yorks, Newbald

In 1881 William, his 'imbecile' and lame son, lodged with his Mary, perhaps in her care because his parents are dead or infirm. 'Imbecile' is a generic term for any one with a disability.

1808info1, sheet 5

Their deaths

Source: GRO death
William Crompton Driffield vol.9d p.229 - GRO 3rd quarter 1872

An inquest report records:

Crompton Wm, 64, Nafferton
20ft up a ladder when a horse moved and caught the ladder with a wagon. He fell and lingered three days
August 31 1872

This confirms the family hearsay of William dying when falling from a corn stack.

Driffield Times
Saturday 31 August 1872
On Tuesday afternoon, a melancholy accident occurred at Nafferton. A man named William CROMPTON was ascending a ladder to get on to a corn stack, when having got about 20 feet from the ground, a horse yoked to a waggon standing near, started on, and drew the waggon onto the ladder, causing it to slip out at the foot; the man consequently fell to the ground and was quite insensible. Dr SAVILE was sent for and on examining him, pronounced the injuries so serious a nature as to preclude all hopes of recovery. He lingered until Thursday morning, when he died. Deceased was 64 years of age.

William CROMPTON was buried in Nafferton, it is said, on 31st August 1872, age 64.

Source: Driffield and Wolds Genealogy

Sarah HORNSEY/CROMPTON died in the first quarter of 1880 (GRO ref: Driffield 9d 233).

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