1808 Info 3 for William Crompton
Martha Crompton and her daughter Gertrude

Martha was born in the third quarter of 1848 (GRO ref: Beverley 23 14). Newbald was in the Beverley District.

1851 Census Sun/Mon 30/31st March 1851
Source:     FHL Film  TNA Ref H1O7
            Piece:  2359; Folio:  26; Page:  14; Sched: 48
Dwelling:   Bullens Hill    
Place:      North Newbald, York ER, England

Name               Rel   Mar  Age  Occupation                  Birthplace 
William Crompton  Head	  M   42   Farmer of 104 acres         Yorks, Bridlington
Sarah Crompton    Wife    M   36   Farmers wife                Yorks, N. Newbald
William Crompton   Son         5   Farmers son                 Yorks, N. Newbald
Martha Crompton    Dau         2   Farmers daur                Yorks, N. Newbald
James Wilson      Serv    U   23   Farms servant               Yorks, Leckonfield [sic]
John Collinson    Serv    U   17   Farms servant               Yorks, Leckonfield [sic]
Hannah Girdon     Serv    U   20   Farms servant               Yorks, Bewholme

William and Sarah's daughters, Sarah and Martha, were recorded with their elderly grandparents: the Hornsey's.

1861 Census Sun/Mon. 7/8th April 1861
Source:     FHL Film  TNA Ref RG09
            Piece: 3567; Folio: 65; Page: 4; Sched: 21
Place:      South Newbald, York, England

Name             Rel  Mar  Age  Occupation      Birthplace 
Richard Hornsey  Head  M   90   Retired Farmer  Yorks, North Newbald
Sarah Hornsey    Wife  M   84                   Yorks, North Newbald
Samuel Hornsey   Son   U   51                   Yorks, North Newbald
Sarah Crompton   Gdau  U   19   House keeper    Yorks, North Newbald
Martha Crompton  Gdau  U   13   Scholar         Yorks, North Newbald

Note Sarah and Martha are indexed as the dialect pronunciation Crumpton on Ancestry

By 1871 William and his family had returned to Nafferton. William had become an agricultural labourer and Martha an infant school teacher who had been a pupil teacher and was limited by transport.

1871 Census Sun/Mon. 2/3rd April 1871
Source:      FHL Film  TNA Ref RG10
             Piece: 4807; Folio: 92; Page: 20; Sched: 110
Dwelling:    Middle Street
Place:       Nafferton, York, England

Name              Rel  Mar  Age  Occupation              Birthplace
William Crompton  Head  M   63   Ag Lab                  Yorks, Bridlington
Sarah Crompton    Wife  M   59                           Yorks, Newbald 
William Crompton  Son   U   24   None, Disability LAME   Yorks, Newbald
Martha Crompton   Dau   U   22   Infant school Mistress  Yorks, Newbald  
Mary E Crompton   Dau   U   19                           Yorks, Newbald
Kelly's directory, 1872, Nafferton - 10kB jpg Source: Kelly's Post Office Directory, Yorkshire, North & East Riding, 1872 - Nafferton Schools
1808info3, sheet 2

By the time of the 1881 census Martha is a governess giving private tuition, perhaps to her nieces.

1881 Census  Sun/Mon 2/3rd April 1881
Source:      FHL Film  TNA Ref RG11 
             Piece: 4817;  Folio: 34;  Page: 10;  Sched: 4                      
Dwelling:    Thornton Hill 
Place:       Thornton on the Hill, York ER, England

Name                Rel  Mar Age Occupation                          Birthplace
John Barley 	    Head  M  34  Farmer of 194 acres emp 1 labourer  Yorks, Coxwold
Sarah A. Barley     Wife  M  37                                      Yorks, Newbald
John N. Barley 	     Son      7  Scholar                             Yorks, Coxwold
Sarah A. Barley      Dau      6  Scholar                             Yorks, Coxwold
Rose A. Barley 	     Dau      5                                      Yorks, Coxwold
Elizah S. Barley     Dau      3                                      Yorks, Coxwold
George H. Barley     Son      1                                      Yorks, Coxwold
Martha Crumpton   S-in-L  U  29  Governfs Private                    Yorks, Newbald
Mary Ingle         Serv   U  20  General servant                     Yorks, Easingwold
Thomas Bowes 	   Serv   U  19  Farm servant indoors                Yorks, Husthwaite
Andrew Paxton 	   Serv   U  19  Farm servant                        Bucks, Finmere

There is a discrepancy of up to four years in Martha's census age, though she is indeed John Barley's sister-in-law..

By the next census Martha was a 50 year old house keeper in York, however, there is a discrepancy of six/seven years in Martha's age

1891 Census   Sun/Mon 5/6th April 1891
Source:       FHL Film  TNA Ref RG12
              Piece: 3887; Folio: 14; Page: 22; Sched: 117 
Dwelling:     12 Tanner Row [YO1 6JE]
Place:        Castle Gate, York, Yorkshire, England

Name                     Rel  Mar Age  Occupation         Birthplace
Daniel MacIntosh         Head Wid  59  Provisions Dealer  Yorks, Kipax
Robert Howell MacIntosh  Son   S   21  Assistant          Yorks, York
Arthur Daniel MacIntosh  Son   S   14  Scholar            Yorks, York 
Martha Crompton          Serv  S   50  House Keeper       Yorks, North Newbald.

At this moment Martha cannot be found in the 1901 Ancestry/Find My Past census under Crompton/Crumpton/Crampton

1911 Census:      Sun/Mon 2nd April/3rd April 1911
Source:   TNA Ref:        RG14 PN29053  
          Reg. Gen. Ref:  RG78 PN  ; En.Dist: 14; Sched: 15
          RegDist: Thirsk SubDist: Bridlington
Dwelling: Wighall Farm            
Place:    South Otterington, Yorkshire North Riding              
Rooms in dwelling, other than scullery, landing, lobby, closet, bathroom: 10
Years married:          
Children:      Alive none, dead none 

Name                Rel  Mar  Age  Occupation            Status  Birthplace 
George H Barley    Head   S   30   Farmer                Employer  Yorks, Coxwold
Martha Crompton    Aunt   S   60   Housekeeper           Worker    Yorks, Newbald
Jack Kerley               S   18   Servant               Worker    Yorks, Kirkby Sigston
May Kent                  S   14   Domestic servant                Yorks, Yafforth

There is again a three year age difference between the census age and birth year. However, George Barley was indeed Martha's nephew.

Martha Crompton died in the fourth quarter of 1921 (GRO ref: Easingwold 9d 488) aged 72.

1808info3, sheet 3

Martha's daughter, Gertrude CROMPTON

Gertrude was Martha's illegitimate daughter, born to a 37 year old spinster school mistress. There is no obvious Bastardy Order to indicate her father.

1885 Birth in Sub-district of Bridlington in the County of York
No When and
where born
Name Sex Name of
Name of
Rank or
Informant When
261 Thirteenth
Gertrude Girl - Martha
a Schoolmistress
- Mary Chaplin
Present at Birth

Gertrude was 'adopted' by the Chaplins and lived at their Rose Cottage home, along Easton Road, to the west of Bridlington. However, Gertrude may have been formally adopted as she took the Chaplin name at her wedding. Whilst, in 1891, Martha was a housekeeper in York she cannot, as yet, be traced in the 1901 census. It would seem that Gertie was an abandoned apprenticed dressmaker.

1891 Census   Sun/Mon 5/6th April 1891
Source:       FHL Film  PRO Ref RG12
              Piece: 3959; Folio: 28; Page: 4; Sched: 24
Dwelling:     4 Rose Cottage [Easton Road]
Place:        Bridlington, York, England

Name                 Rel  Mar Age  Occupation     Status  Birthplace
Richard Chaplin     Head   M   41  Labourer Agri  Worker  Yorks, Driffield
Mary Chaplin        Wife   M   39                         Yorks, Newbald
Joseph R Chaplin    Son    S   13                         Yorks, Nafferton
Sarah M Chaplin     Dau        11  Scholar                Yorks, Carnaby
Laura K Chaplin     Dau         8  Scholar                Yorks, Carnaby
Gertrude Crompton   Niece       6  Scholar                Yorks, Carnaby
By 1901 the family had gone their own way. Richard and Mary lived in a cottage, which is located at the western end of Easton Road, before the garden centre.

Right: Rose Cottage, Easton Road, Bridlington, 18 September 2012
Source: Diane Witt
Rose Cottage, Easton Road, Bridlington sept2012 - 24kB jpg
1808info3, sheet 4
1894 map locating Rose Cottage, Bridlington - 30kB jpg
Above: An 1894 map showing locating Rose Cottage, along Easton Road, Bridlington
1901 Census   Sun/Mon 31st March/1st April 1901
Source:       FHL Film  TNA Ref RG13
              Piece: 4524; Folio: 12; Page: 15; Sched: 103
Dwelling:     78 High Street
Place:        Bridlington, Yorks ER, England

Name               Rel  Mar Age  Occupation         Status    Birthplace
Stephen H Nixon   Head   M  46   Working watchmaker Own acct  Yorks, North Burton
Sarah J Nixon     Wife   M  36   Dressmaker         Employer  Yorks, Cotherstone
Lily Nixon         Dau      10                                Yorks, Bridlington
William Nixon    Father Wid 72   Retired miller               Leic,  Leicester    
Edith Nixon       Dau    S  15   Dressmaker         Worker    Yorks, Hunmanby
Francis Johnson  Board   S  19   Dressmaker         Worker    Yorks, Bridlington
Gertrude Chaplin Board   S  16   Dressmaker         Worker    Yorks, Carnaby
Betsey Staveley   Serv   S  25   Cook (Domestic)    Worker    Yorks, North Burton

The current owners of 78 High Street, Bridlington (2019) where Gertrude was apprenticed to Sarah Nixon as a dressmaker writes:

I have been sifting through three hundred years of muck, fluff and other detritus that has been stashed beneath or fallen through the floorboards and I have found some extraordinary and fascinating small items. One area which was a particularly rich seam is on the second floor towards the front of the house which yielded quantities of spools of sewing thread, packets of hooks & eyes along with about five pounds of dressmakers pins which rather made us suspect that more than just domestic needlework was being carried out on the premises and to learn (from your pages) that Sarah Nixon, her older daughter and the apprenticed girls were living and working there and thanks to yourself we have the face and story of Gertrude.
We believe that Gertrude’s presence there and that of the other seamstresses must have had some effect on my wife, long before finding the information on your web site, has been beautifully crafting on one of her hand-cranked Singer sewing machines many of her own outfits from patterns dating to the turn of the 20th century so now we know who to thank as she cuts a fashionable swathe through whichever part of the UK or Europe she happens to be.
1808info3, sheet 5
78 High Street, Bridlington - 40kB jpg In 1901, aged 16, Gertie was apprenticed to Sarah Nixon, of 78 High Street, as a dressmaker. This was conveniently down the road from Easton Road. Rose Cottage is a kilometre from 78 High Street.

Left: Stephen Henry NIXON's 1 watchmaker's shop at 78 High Street, Bridlington, 2018
Source: With thanks to the present owner of 78 High Street, Bridlington. The open window may show the woodwork of the Singer sewing machine.

The owner of number 78 continues his story:

A couple of other items found which would have lain unseen by the occupants; one being a beautiful 18th century tortoise shell and silver toothpick case with its mirror and silk lining perfectly intact which fell through the floorboards directly beneath the window of the same room probably a hundred plus years before Gertude’s tenure and a book of mathematical formulae published in 1753 belonging to a chap named ‘James Standen’ who, as far as I can find was involved in finance as well as having been employed during the implementation of the Enclosure Act and he valued large parts of Lincolnshire. This was found deliberately concealed (I cannot think of any other fashion by which it could have found its way into the tiny void in which it was found) just the other side if the wall within three feet of where the the seamstresses worked their magic. Maybe he owned the toothpick case too?
Right: The tooth pick box and James Hardy's accounting book, publish in 1753, which has the first mention of life insurance. It is described as: 'A complete system of interest and annuities: founded upon new, easy and rational principles: containing, the whole business of interest, and annuities ... a great variety of questions, relating to fines, mortgages, renewals ... to which is prefixed, as an introduction, I. the doctrine and application of decimals ... II. the extraction of the square root, III. the method of computing, the amount and present worth of money. Nixon mathematical book and tooth pick - 49kB jpg
Source: The owner of number 78, with thanks
1808info3, sheet 6
1912 map showing in red 78 High Street Bridlington - 77kB jpg
Above: 1912 map locating, in red, 78 High Street Bridlington

In the first quarter of 1909 Gertrude CHAPLIN married Thomas Willie HOLDEN of Leeds (GRO ref: Bridlington 9d 478), who was born in the fourth quarter of 1882 (GRO ref: Leeds 9b 477).

1909 Marriage solemnized at the Parish Church in the Parish of Bridlington in the County of York
No. When married Name and Surname Age Condition Rank or
Residence Father's name Father's
134 February
Thomas Willie
26 Bachelor Tobacconist 39 Promenade
Richard Holden (Deceased) Grocer
23 Spinster Rose Cottage
Easton Rd
Married in the Parish Church according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church after Banns by me Edgar Wall  Curate
This marriage    Thomas Willie Holden      in thePresence      Richard Chaplin X his markspacer
was solemnized     spacer
between usspacer Gertrude Chaplinspacer spacer of us                     Laura Kate Chaplin

It is suggested that Willie ran a successful tobacconist's business because, according to the 1911 census they lived in a substantial home.

1911 Census:      Sun/Mon 2nd April/3rd April 1911
Source:   TNA Ref:        RG14 PN28895  
          Reg. Gen. Ref:  RG78 PN1663; En.Dist: 6; Sched: 57
          RegDist: Bridlington SubDist: Bridlington
Dwelling: 14 Blackburn Avenue  [YO15 2ES]            
Place:    Bridlington, Yorkshire East Riding              
Rooms in dwelling, other than scullery, landing, lobby, closet, bathroom: 7
Years married: 2         
Children:      Alive none, dead none 

Name                   Rel  Mar  Age  Occupation          Status    Birthplace 
Thomas Willie Holden  Head   M   28   Tobacconist Dealer  Employer  Yorks, Leeds
Gertrude Holden       Wife   M   26                                 Yorks, Carnaby
1802info3, sheet 7
14 Blackburn Avenue, Bridlington - 25kB jpg In 1911 the couple were living at 14 Blackburn Avenue, Bridlington. Their home, having seven rooms in additional to the standard 1911 census rooms, appears to be that of an affluent middle class family.

Left: 14 Blackburn Avenue, Bridlington 2009
Willie HOLDEN's tobacconist shop was 39 (The) Promenade, Bridlington, now rebuilt as Promenades Shopping

Right: A 1947 map locating 39 The Promenade Bridlington 1947, marked red
Map locating 39 The Promenade Bridlington 1947 - 30kB jpg
1802info3, sheet 8
Hoverbox Photo Gallery - Gertrude Holden née Chaplin - Source: Diane Witt
This feature does not function correctly on phones and tablets
1. Gertie, Emily, Laura Kate and Mary Elizabeth seated
2. Gertie, with fur collar, with Willie standing behind plus other friends at pre-war Scarborough. Perhaps Willie's
brother Norman and wife Edith.
3. Gertie (left) with friend Bridlington 1924
1   2   3  
Gertie with Emily, Laura Kate and Mary Elizabeth - 38kB jpg Gertie with Emily, Laura Kate and Mary Elizabeth - 38kB jpg Gertie in fur with Willie behind Scarborough - 30kB jpg Gertie in fur with Willie behind Scarborough - 30kB jpg Gertie on left with friend 1924 - 27kB jpg Gertie on left with friend 1924 - 27kB jpg
Hoverbox Photo Gallery - A collection of Gertie's postcards Source: Diane Witt
This feature does not function correctly on phones and tablets
1. To her sister Sarah/Sally 02 September 1903
2. To her auntie Emily 30 June 1905
3. To the mysterious Mrs Poole 28 August 1923
1   2   3  
Gertie's postcard to Sally 02 September 1903 - 21kB jpg Gertie's postcard to Sally 02 September 1903 - 21kB jpg Gertie's postcard to Emily 30 June 1905 - 25kB jpg Gertie's postcard to Emily 30 June 1905 - 25kB jpg Gertie's postcard to Mrs Poole 28 August 1923 - 32kB jpg Gertie's postcard to Mrs Poole 28 August 1923 - 32kB jpg


  1. This was addressed to Sally/Sarah, who at the time was living at Mill Farm [South] Otterington, Northallerton. In 1901 the farm was run by John BARLEY aged 53 and who married Sarah Ann née CROMPTON in the second quarter of 1873 (GRO ref: Easingwold 9d 635). Sarah was born in [North] Newbald in the third quarter of 1844 (GRO ref: Hull 22 413). Mill Farm still exists. The family had previously lived in Thornton on the Hill (1881). Sally was staying with her aunt, the eldest daughter of William (b.1808) and Sarah CROMPTON. This postcard opened a new branch on the tree.Source: Diane Witt
  2. Mrs Smith of Thornholme was Gertie's aunt Emily SMITH, who, at the time, lived on the left as you entered the village of Thornholme from Carnaby. Source: Diane Witt
  3. The postcard to the unknown Mrs Poole appears to have the same handwriting style for 'Love Gertie'. The 25p on the top edge suggests the postcard, discovered in a (London) postcard sale after February 1971, was recognised as having been sent by Gertie HOLDEN and returned to Mary JACKSON. Source: Mary Jackson

Gertie's death

In a bombing raid on Bridlington, on 18 June 1941, timed at 00.12, two parachute mines were dropped. The second mine landed in Lamplugh Square at the corner of Eighth Avenue completely demolishing about thirteen houses. Twenty people were trapped under the wreckage, of whom seven were fatal casualties including Gertrude Holden.

Right: Lamplugh Road bomb damage
Lamplugh Road bomb damage - 51kB jpg
1808info3, sheet 9
Yorkshire Post banner 19 June 1941 - 21kB jpg
Yorkshire Post article 19 June 1941 - 60kB jpg Gertrude HOLDEN died (GRO ref: Buckrose 9d 106) aged 56 years during the bombing of 18 June 1941 at Oak Lodge, 6 Lamplugh Road. Bridlington. Two parachute mines 2 were dropped at 12 minutes past midnight. Bomb one destroyed St Anne’s Convalescent Hospital and bomb two fell on Lamplugh Road on the corner with Eighth Avenue. Bomb two destroyed 13 houses and caused major damage to all utility supplies making rescues difficult. Twenty people were caught in the bombing with seven fatalities including Gertie. The bombing was reported from Wardens Post C3 by Warden K.T O’Brian. Gertie is buried in plot V136 of Bridlington Cemetery. Source: The Bayle Museum, Bridlington Ref: CR RF with thanks to Marie

This places Gertie very close to the point of detonation.

The 1939 Register records another Holden family living at 18 Lamplugh Road who were Norman E Holden, a retired cashier (amusement arcades?) and Edith A Holden involved in unpaid domestic duties. The third person, whose details are redacted, was Gwendoline (May) Porter (Monkman) born 12 April 1917, who was a domestic servant.

Mr Thomas Hopper Alderson, mentioned in the article, was the detachment leader for Air Raid Precautions (ARP) Bridlington and the first person to be directly awarded the George Cross on 30 September 1940 by King George VI for earlier rescues in Bridlington.

Left: A report of the bombing in the Yorkshire Post of 19 June 1941
Gertie Holden in the 1939 Register - 30kB jpg
Above: Gertie Holden in The 1939 Register
1808info3, sheet 10
A 1947 map locating the 1941 bombing of Bridlington - 96kB jpg
Above: A 1947 map on which the 1941 bombing of Bridlington has been marked. Marked in red is the centre of the explosion and houses destroyed or condemned in Walter Robinson's description. Gertie lived in number six. It is assumed that even numbers were together and numbered towards the unbuilt houses. [Note: there has been a change of road names since the publication of the 1947 map - First Avenue now meets Eighth Avenue

Miss HP Simpson, secretary to the Bridlington Mayor during the war years, was charged with keeping a diary of the bombing raids on Bridlington. For the Lamplugh Road bombs she recorded:

Rear of St Anne's Home and corner of Lamplugh Road and Eighth Avenue

TYPE OF BOMB: Parachute Mines


TIME: 00.12

DATE: 18th June 1941

REPORTED BY: K.T. O'Brian Post C.4 and Post Warden C.3

First mine dropped on Chapel near rear of St Anne's Home. Completely demolished the building and rendering St. Anne's Home uninhabitable owing to the serious damage. Very extensive damage to surrounding property. 3 or 4 houses completely demolished and quite a number of others damaged beyond repair. The second mine dropped in the middle of Lamplugh Road at the corner of Eighth Ave. About 13 houses completely demolished and many others damaged beyond repair. This mine dropped right in the middle of Lamplugh Road causing fractures to gas and water mains, and electricity cables. Gas from the main ignited. North East side of Flamborough Road Garage practically demolished and all surrounding property extensively damaged. Approximately 20 people were trapped under wreckage, 13 of whom were extracted suffering from various injuries, the other 7 proved to be fatal casualties. (Mr. Woodcock, Mr. Foster, Mrs. Holden, Mrs. Newton, Mrs. Chatterton, Miss Anderson, and a youth of 16 years - Mr Allen.)

Mutual Assistance Scheme. 3 Rescue Parties were asked for from Hull, 1 Rescue party from Filey and 1 Rescue Partyfrom Driffield. 2 First Aid Parties were asked for from Driffield. All Services arrivedexpeditiously and carried out excellent work.
1808info3, sheet 11
Housing of Homeless Persons Approximately 125 people were housed and fed at the A.R.P. Headquarters for 12 hours. 93 of them were imbeciles and aged people removed from St. Anne's Home, and the remainder were people who had been rendered homeless in the town.

Casualties. There were 7 fatal casualties. 5 Hospital Cases. 25 First Aid Post cases. 60-70 other minor casualties.

Local Services. All local services turned out in full force, and also the Railway Company's Ambulance, the Mobile Unit, Isolation Hospital Ambulances, 4 cars for sitting cases loaned by the Fire Chief. Excellent co-operation between R.A.F. Military and A.R.P. Services. Very valuable work was carried out by both Military and R.A.F.

Source: Bayle Museum, Bridlington Ref: CR RF and Langton, Bernard R., 'Bridlington War Diaries 1939-1942', 2015

Lamplug Road fatalities banner - kB jpg
Lamplugh Road fatalities - 106kB gif Left: A composite image of the Lamplugh Road fatalities record in house numerical order Source: UK WWII Civilian Deaths 1939-1945, Commonwealth War Graves (Ancestry)

Civilian deaths are present by municipality and in alphabetical order. This extract from Bridlington has been cut and reordered in house numerical order in an attempt to locate number 6 Lamplugh Road, identified as Oak Lodge. The house name Gambia has been segregated because it has no known house number. 'Gambia' is number 11 Lamplugh Road.

With First Avenue being extended towards Eighth Avenue and more houses being built on the old pre-bombing footprint, it is, at this moment, impossible to identify the actual location of Oak Lodge.
1808info3, sheet 12

On 2 July 1941 Mr Rollinson of Eighth Avenue wrote to his son describing the damage wrought. (Mr Rollinson moved into Eighth Avenue after the 1939 Register.)

Rollinson letter - 50kb jpg
Now for the details of what happened shortly after midnight June 17/18.

Two land mines were dropped, one in Lamplugh Rd. close to 8th Avenue, one in St Anne's Road.

From this house on both sides of the road to far down beyond Trinity C[ur]ch nearly every window was blown in. The house in Lamplugh road at the corner & both sides of the road to 1st Avenue were completely destroyed, all the houses in Lamplugh Lane are wrecked, and are condemned. In this avenue Steel's [Frank Steel an almond and ? commercial traveller whose house is not numbered in the 1939 Register] and next door had their doors and windows blown in and ceilings down. Beyond these at the bottom of the avenue 7 houses so wrecked they are condemned and will have to be rebuilt. The chemist shop is also utterly wrecked. The Garage was very badly damaged and all the property from there to Lamplugh Road is condemned, the backs are in ruins. The blast was so terrible that houses were damaged in ---ty foot and the roads behind it. I know one man living in St Alban's rd. (sic) whose doors & windows were blown in & ceilings down, and next door to him one woman was killed and her husband lost an arm.[...]

As one goes into town it is heart breaking to see bottom (sic) of this Avenue, and look across what was Lamplugh Avenue with its good residences, both it and St Anne's are roped off, and debris is being removed all day long. [...]

All this destruction wrought by 2 land mines; the wide spread range of the blast is amazing. I am told the Air people say these mines are more destructive of property than lives. Had H[igh]E[xplosive] bombs been dropped loss of life would have been far heavier. Eight people were killed and I have not heard many seriously injured.


Your affectionate

Source: Langton, Bernard R., 'Bridlington War Diaries 1939-1942', 2015

1808info3, sheet 13
Lamplugh Road bomb damage - 40kB jpg From the blast of the two parachute mines there were seven fatalities, five hospital cases, 25 First Aid cases and 60 to 70 other minor casualties.

Left: Lamplugh Road bomb damage
Gertie Chaplin's probate - 2kB jpg Left: Gertie Chaplin's 1942 probate
Source: England and Wales, National Probate Calendar 1942 (Ancestry)

The sum of £3985.26 is equivalent to £179,179 in 2016. (Source: Historical UK inflation rates and calculator (Accessed: 04 September 2016)) and was divided between the Smith brothers of Manor Farm and Manor House Farm Fraisthorpe, her first cousins once removed.

Lamplugh Road was built between 1912 and 1929 filling in the gap between the Hull and Scarborough railway and the sea. A desirable property, Gertie would have had a short walk to the sea front. A four bed-roomed post war house, in this area, was sold for £160,000 in August 2016.

There are no obvious children by this marriage. Gertie (GRO ref: Buckrose 9d 106) was predeceased by Thomas, who died in the third quarter of 1937 (GRO ref: Buckrose 9d 86) aged 54.

A brass tray that belonged to Gertie Chaplin. It was retrieved from her bombed home in Bridlington. It was given to Edgar William Burton, perhaps by Auntie Sarah Maria Chaplin who was close to Gertie and lived in St John’s Avenue in Bridlington. Cleaned and polished by Diane Witt Gertie Chaplin's brass plate - 94kB gif

1808info3, sheet 14

More information 1
Return to text1 Stephen NIXON - watchmaker

Stephen Henry NIXON was born in the first quarter of 1854 (GRO ref: Bridlington 9d 235). He married Sarah Jane ALDERSON in the second quarter of 1899 (GRO ref: Durham 10a 379) presumably in Cotherston[e]. Stephen NIXON died aged 64 in the fourth quarter of 1918 (GRO ref: Bridlington 9d 849) Sarah Jane died, aged 90, in the Buckrose registration district, which includes Bridlington, in the first quarter of 1952 (GRO ref: Buckrose 2a 11). It is interesting to note that Sarah Jane NIXON held a responsible post in Bridlington.

The British Museum records SH NIXON as a late 19th century clock and watchmaker. In the 1892 Bulmer's Directory of Bridlington professions and trades Stephen Henry NIXON was recorded at 12 High Street, Bridlington. This is a shop on the corner of High Street and Scarborough Road.

1911 Census:      Sun/Mon 2nd April/3rd April 1911
Source:   TNA Ref:        RG14 PN  28891
Reg. Gen. Ref:  RG78 PN; En.Dist: 2; Sched: 198
RegDist: 526 SubDist: Bridlington 
Dwelling: 53 High Street             
Place:    Bridlington, Yorkshire East Riding              
Rooms in dwelling, other than scullery, landing, lobby, closet, bathroom: 8
Years married: 21         
Children:      Alive 1, dead 2 

Name                 Rel  Mar Age Occupation            Status   Birthplace 
Stephen Henry Nixon  Head  M  57  Watchmaker & jeweller Own acnt Yorks, North Burton
Sarah Jane Nixon     Wife  M  49  Sub-postmistress High St       Yorks, Cotherston[e]
Martha Behrendt      Board S  31  Dispenser             Worker   Lincs, Burringham

It is interesting to note that 51-53 High Street is now a two and a half storey, four bedroomed terraced Georgian building, which sold for £435,000 in June 2007. Was this his residence, whilst he worked at the end of the road?

Hoverbox Photo Gallery - A watch by Stephen NIXON
This feature does not function correctly on phones and tablets
Source: With thanks to the present owner of 78 High Street, Bridlington who bought the time piece without realising that it had been made in his home.
A Stephen Nixon watch face and fob - 41kB jpg A Stephen Nixon watch face and fob - 55kB jpg A Stephen Nixon watch workings - 36kB jpg Stephen Nixon watch workings - 22kB jpg A Stephen Nixon watch back plate - 42kB jpg A Stephen Nixon watch back plate - 25kB jpg

1808info3, sheet 15

More information 2
Return to text German parachute mines

A parachute mine is a naval mine dropped from an aircraft by parachute. They were mostly used in the Second World War by the Luftwaffe. Frequently, they were dropped on land targets.

These mines were attached to parachutes to act as blast bombs; when detonated at roof level rather than on impact the aerodynamic effects of their blast were maximised. Instead of the shock waves from the explosion being cushioned by surrounding buildings, they could reach a wider area, with the potential to destroy a whole street of houses in a 110 yards (100m) radius and windows being blown in up to a mile away.

There were two types. Type A weighed 500kg (1,100lb) and type B 1,000kg (2,200lb) . After the parachute opened, the mine descended at around 40 miles per hour (64 km/h). If it came down on land, a clockwork mechanism would detonate the mine 25 seconds after impact.

Source: Text Wikipedia Image: Imperial War Museum
Non-Contact, Parachute Ground (Land) Mine Type GC - 4kB jpg

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