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The family of Charles William Crompton

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Charles William Crompton ...

... was registered in the fourth quarter of 1871 (GRO ref: Driffield 9d 259. He married Annie Elizabeth WRIGHT of Fitling, East Yorkshire, who was born in the third quarter of 1870 (GRO ref: Skirlaugh 9d 249), in the fourth quarter of 1897 (GRO ref: Skirlaugh 9d 258), .

He farmed Well Close Farm, Lowthorpe with his father before moving to Sleights Farm, Nafferton and Hall Green Farm, Wakefield.

A photograph thought to be Charles William, taken circa 1891, holding horses head looks exactly like James Thomas CROMPTON born 1977, from the line of James b.1807.

Right: Possibly Charles William CROMPTON as a young man
Charles William Crompton

Sleights Farm, Lowthorpe

Leila (registered as Selina), was born at Sleights Farm, Lowthorpe in early 1901. (GRO ref: Driffield 9d 347)

Sleights Farm in 1911 - 49kB jpg
Above: A 1911 map locating Sleights Farm east of Nafferton and west of Lowthorpe

The 1901 census poses a problem with names. Elizabeth was register as Annie and their second child, known in the family as Leila, is recorded as Selina [Wright].

1805info4a, sheet 2
1901 Census   Sun/Mon 31st March/1st April 1901
Source:       FHL Film  PRO Ref RG13
              Piece 4517 Folio 57 Page 13                       
Dwelling:     Sleights Farm
Place:        Lowthorpe, York ER, England

Name                Rel  Mar Age Sex Occupation         Status   Birthplace
Charles W Crompton  Head  M  29   M  Farmer             Employer Lowthorpe, Yorks
Annie E Crompton    Wife  M  30   F                              Fitling, Yorks
Charles R Crompton  Son       2   M                              Lowthorpe, Yorks
Selina W Crompton   Dau       3m  F                              Lowthorpe, Yorks
William Smith       Serv  S  19   M  Farm foreman       Worker   Hutton Cranswick, Yorks
Robert Bielby?      Serv  S  19   M  Farm Waggoner      Worker   Wansford, Yorks
John Morres         Serv  S  15   M  Third lad Ag Lab   Worker   Foston on the Wold, Yorks
Mar E Hakner        Serv  S  17   F  Housemaid domestic          Harpham, Yorks
Ada E Pinkey        Serv  S  18   F  Cook domestic               Wellerby, Yorks

This census return suggests a young and affluent family able to employ three farm workers and two domestic servants. It shows that Annie Elizabeth had been born in a village in the Holderness coastal area, near Withernsea.

An aerial photograph of Sleights Farm 2007 - 41Kb jpg
Above: An aerial photograph locating Sleights Farm in 2007
2007 Google Imagery 2007 DigitalGlobal, Infoterra Ltd & Bluesky, Map data 2007 Tele Atlas - acknowledged
Right: Sleights Farm House 2007
2007 Google Imagery 2007 DigitalGlobal, Infoterra Ltd & Bluesky, Map data 2007 Tele Atlas - acknowledged
Sleights Farm House 2007 - 27Kb jpg
1805info4a, sheet 3

Hall Green Farm

Sometime after the 1901 census, and before Ruthie's birth in 1908, the family moved to Hall Green Farm, which is in the parish of Crigglestone, just south of Chaplethorpe, west of New Miller Dam, about three miles south of Wakefield. In the 1881 census this 104 acre farm probably accounted for all the open space, of this predominantly mining area.

The farm is in the south-east corner of the 1907 map.

In 1908 Ruthie's birth was registered in Wakefield in third quarter of 1908 (GRO ref: Wakefield 9c 7), probably when still at Hall Green Farm.

Right: The location of Hall Green in 2007, with
the farm on the 'C' class road north-west of
the 'H' of Hall
The location of Hall Green in 2007 - 70Kb jpg
A map locating Hall Green Farm - 72Kb gif
Above: Hall Green Farm in 1907. Scale 1:2,500
1805info4a, sheet 4
1911 Census:           Sun/Mon 2nd April/3rd April 1911
Source TNA Ref:        RG14 PN 27363 
       Reg. Gen. Ref:  RG78 PN RegDist:  SubDist:  En.Dist: 6 Sched: 190
Place:                 Hall Green, Wakefield, West Yorkshire 
Rooms in dwelling, other than scullery, landing, lobby, closet, bathroom: Eleven
Years married:         13
Children:              Alive 3, dead none 

Name                       Rel  Age Mar  Occupation            Status  Birthplace 
Charles william Crompton  Head   39  M   Farmers               Employ  Yorks, Lowthorpe
Annie elizabeth Crompton  Wife   40  M                                 Yorks, Fitling
Charles reginald Crompton  Son   12      School                        Yorks, Lowthorpe
Ruthie wright Crompton     Dau    2                                    Yorks, Criggleston
Lillian agnes Williamson  Serv   30  S   Governess                     Yorks, E.Ardsley
Alice Newbatt             Serv   19  S   General servant (Domestic)    Yorks, Criggleston
Seacroft Infectious Disease Ward - 28kB jpg In 1911 Leila was a patient in The Leeds City Hospital for Infectious Diseases, Seacroft, Leeds. The original purpose for Seacroft Hospital, dating from 1904 and costing 250,000, was for treating infectious diseases in the city, nursing patients with scarlet fever and diphtheria. Accommodation was provided for 482 patients (240 scarlet fever, 60 diphtheria, 104 enteric fever, 48 isolation and 30 convalescence).

Left: Seacroft Infectious Diseases Hospital - view of a ward. In the centre is a stove with a tiled surround and chimney. A dressing table with mirror, jug and bowl sets for washing and plants can be seen. A nurse is on the right.

Source: Leodis - a photographic archive of Leeds Checked 25/07/14

1805info4a, sheet 5

The Nidd Farm

Sometimes after the death of Charles Reginald, in April 1918, and the signing of official army papers in August 1919, the family moved to Nidd Farm which was one of the Nidd farms near Ripley in North Yorkshire. In the summer of 1933 Ruthie walked across the field to Nidd Church, carrying flowers, when she married Geoffrey Cooper. At this moment the exact name of the farm is not known.

Modern map locating the Nidd Farms - 116Kb gif
Above: The location of Nidd, two miles north west of Harrogate

1805info4a, sheet 6

The early life of Annie Elizabeth WRIGHT

In the 1851 census Robert WRIGHT was the six year old eldest son, born in Fitling, of the widowed Elizabeth WRIGHT who farmed the 270 acres and employed 7 labourers. Ten years later the census shows that this was Fitling Hall, whose 275 acres employed two labourers and eight boys. By the 1871 census Robert is the head of his family, farming 269 acres and employing six labourers. The similarity of the acreage would suggest that he had inherited Fitling Hall. The same census shows that Robert had married Elizabeth ann [Elgey]. This marriage of first cousins had taken place in Driffield in the fourth quarter of 1869, but as yet there were no children.

Map of 1858 locating Fitling in East Yorkshire - 78Kb jpg
Above: Locating Fitling Hall on the 1858 Cassini Historical Map Kingston upon Hull
Modern map locating Fitling in East Yorkshire - 65Kb gif

Above: Locating Fitling Hall on a modern map

1805info4a, sheet 7

In 1881 Robert, at the age of 36, described himself as a retired farmer living in Clarence House, Fletcher Gate, Hedon. They lived there with their three children, his mother and one general servant. The census shows an eight year gap between the two eldest surviving children. At sometime between these children the family had moved to Hedon.

Five years after retiring Robert WRIGHT died, but his widow and family continued to live at Clarence House through to the 1891 census. In this census their eldest child Annie E is recorded as Ann E.

It was from Hedon that Annie Elizabeth WRIGHT returned to Lowthorpe after her marriage to her first cousin Charles William CROMPTON. The Elgey's were a close knit family and family hearsay suggests that cousins kept in touch through their mothers, who were sisters. Being farming families they had the opportunities to meet at the markets. The Driffield Times mentions, on more than one occasion, the animals that Mr Crompton and Mr Elgey sold.

Around 1956 Sheila Mellstrom, then Sheila CROMPTON, visited her Uncle Charlie in Leeds. He was described as ' a wonderful old man, by that time a widower, with the same gentle nature as his brother Harry'.

For further information is at The Elgey's of Wetwang and Driffield Checked 25/07/14

Their children

Leila, Ruthie and Reg Crompton circa 1913 - 31kB jpg
Above: Leila, Ruthie and Reg Crompton circa 1913 Source: Peter Cooper

Charles Reginald CROMPTON - their first child has his own info sheet at 1805info4b

1805info4a, sheet 8
Leila Wright CROMPTON, their second child, known as Selina, was born on 06 December 1900 (GRO ref: First quarter 1901 Driffield 9d 347). She was a spinster who lived at 44 Sutherland Avenue, Roundhay, Leeds 8, next door to her sister. She was friendly with Tom Jefferson, her cousin born in Ruston Parva. She died in Leeds on 08 February 1971 (GRO ref: Leeds 2c 576).

Right: 46-44 Sutherland Avenue, Leeds
44-46 Sutherland Avenue, Leeds - 28kB jpg

Ruthie Wright CROMPTON, their third child, ...

Nidd Church - 48kB jpg ... was born at Hall Green Farm on 30 May 1908 (GRO ref: Wakefield 9c 7). In the third quarter of 1933 she married Geoffrey Durrant COOPER (GRO ref: Knaresborough 9d 293), in Nidd Church. Geoffrey Cooper was born in the fourth quarter of 1900 (GRO ref: Reigate 2a 175).

The Coopers lived at 46 Sutherland Avenue, Roundhay, Leeds 8, next door to Leila.

Geoffrey Cooper died on either the 20 or 27 January 1955 (GRO ref: Leeds).

In July 1972 Ruthie's phone number was Leeds 661640. She died on 08 November 1972 (GRO ref: Leeds 2c 699).

Left: Nidd Church
1805info4a, sheet 9
Walter, John Henry, Anne Elizabeth, Ruthie, Margaret Elizabeth at Hall Green 1914 - 40kB jpg Charles William Crompton with Reg, Leila, Ruthie at Hall Green c.1912 - 14kb jpg
Above: Charles William Crompton with Reg, Leila, Ruthie at Hall Green circa 1912
Source: Peter Cooper
Above left:  Walter, John Henry, Anne Elizabeth, Ruthie and Margaret Elizabeth at Hall Green between May and September 1914 Source: Alex Postans' papers, Wainwright, Alberta

Charles William's death

It is possible that Charles William died in the third quarter of 1959 (GRO ref: Leeds 2c 132) aged 87.

Although Anne Elizabeth's death date is recorded as 15 March 1938, there is no obvious GRO record.

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