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Gilbert de Venables
of Venables in Normandy and Kinderton in Cheshire
according to Ormerod

Source: Ormerod's 'History of the County Palatine Vol. II, 1882
Caution: Some links may be speculative. This data is referenced to Leycester, corrected from the Plea and Recognition Roll and the Venables chartulary.

I   Gilbert de Venables also known as Gislebertus Venator in The Domesday Book
II  ?
    de Venables 
III Gilbert
    de Venables
    Margery of Hatton dau. Walthew, son of Wolfric Lord of Hatton
cr1066 Ormerod, sheet 2
IV  Sir William  Hamon de Legh     Gilbert  Michael de   R.... de     Hugh         Maud         Amabil                                          
    de Venables  of West Hall               Marston      Warrington                                             
    b.1188       b.                b.       b.           b.           b.           b.           b.
    d.1228       d.                d.       d.+1188      d.           d.           d.           d.cr900info9 Gilbert's grandchildren - kB gif
    |                                                                   *********  |            |
    m.                                                                m.2..........m.1          m.
    |                                                                 |            |            |              
    ?                                                                 Hugh de      Ralph Baron  Richard Lord    
    |                                                                 Brixis       of Chester   of Davenport
    |                                                                              in capits
    |                                                                              |
    |=========================|============|============|============|=========||  |=============|=========||
V   Hugh                      Robert       ?            William      Hamon         Maud          Emma
    de Venables               de Venables  de Venables  de Venables  de Venables                   
    b.                        b.           b.           b.~1228      b.            b.            b.
    d.+1249                   d.1260       d.           d.           d.            d.            d.
    |                           ********   |            |            |             |             |
    m.1..........m.2~1240                  m.           m.           m.            m.~1288       m.
    |            |                         |            |            |             |             |     
    Wentilian    Alice                                  ?                          Nicholas de   Robert 
                 dau Ranulph                                                       Elets[Letres] Brant
    divorced     de Oxton                               |
    |            |                                      |
    |============|============|=========||              |==========================|=========|| 
VI  Sir Roger    Elizabeth    Beatrix                   Lettice                    Beatrix     
    de Venables                                                                                 
    b.1240       b.1258       b.~1267                   b.                         b.1273
    d.~1261      d.           d.                        d.                         d.
    |            |            |                         |                          |
    m.           m.           m.           m.1..........m.2..........m.            m.
    |            |            |            |            |            |             |
    Alice                                  Philip       Richard      Robert        Ralph 
    dau Alan de Peninton                   de Bamuyle   de Wilburham de Crosslegh  Wasteneys of Tyxale

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