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Bridlington Parish and IGI records

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Information from Bridlington Priory Church Records 1709-1739, IGI records and the transcript of the will of Caleb Crompton, master mariner, have been brought together to form this tree.

Some links are speculative, other firm. Yet other have to be made, for there are other Crompton families in the area.

Transcribed from Bridlington Priory Church records 1709-1739

Caylup son of         Thomas Crumton                   1714 September 26th
Rachel daughter of    Thomas Crumton                   1716 May 20th
Thomas son of         Caylup Crumton                   1716 June 14th
Jane daughter of      Caylup Crumton   Master Mariner  1718 April 3rd
Jospeh son of         Caleb Crumpton   Master Mariner  1721 January 7th
Elizabeth daughter of Joseph Crumpton  Labourer        1726 September 29th

Seputli Anno Dom - death records

Joseph son of         Caleb Crompton   Mariner         1721 December 14th
Caleb Crompton                         Master Mariner  1727 May 28th

Other Death records with unknown connections

Annie Crumpton Widow             Poor     1720 February 18th
Eleanor, wife of Thomas Crompton Labourer 1727 December 17th
William Crumpton,                Labourer 1729 April 30th
Anne Crompton, Wid,              Poor     1729 July 31st

Source: IGI v.4 Batch: Type:                                      Source:    
MC male christening,   MM male marriage,    FM female marriage
FC female christening, HM husband marriage, WM wife marriage

Crompton Joseph     Mary Wright         HM 21nov1723  Bridlington
Crompton Joseph     Jospeh / -          MC 21oct1724  Bridlington C105872
Crompton Elizabeth  Jospeh / -          FC 29sep1726  Bridlington C105872
Crompton Thomas     Jane Poskill        HM 03mar1727  Bridlington
Crompton Rebecca    Robert Woodfford    WM 28sep1727  Bridlington
Crompton Mary       Jospeh / -          FC 20jul1730  Bridlington
Crompton Jane       William Clayton     WM 01nov1753  Bridlington M105073
Crompton Rachel     Matthew Sellar      WM 04feb1755  Bridlington
Crompton Joseph     Frances Richardson  HM 02jun1756  Bridlington M105873

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