1660 Info 3c for Cromptons of the Restoration
Robert Crompton born 1665

John Venn's Alumni Cantabrigenses, Part 1 page 422, published in 1922, gives a brief detail of Robert's academic achievement at Cambridge.

  • Adm. pens[ioner] at SYDNEY 10 June 1681;
  • Ofnly son of Robert (?1651) gent, deceased;
  • Born at Kelk, Yorks. School Kelham;
  • Matric[ulated] 1681;
  • Adm.[mitted] at Middle Temple, Feb 9 1683-4.

Pensioner: the second of the three ranks in which students Matriculated - a commoner who pays his own tuition and common or food.

Matriculated: enrolled

Right: A map locating Great Kelk

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