1660 Info 3b: Cromptons of the Restoration
The children of Robert Crompton and Anne Wheath

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Thomas CROMPTON of Thearne may be the eldest child of Robert and Anne.

In his will, proved 18 October 1724, Thomas  CROMPTON is the benefactor to his son John and daughter Jane.

These facts need checking.


Mary is the second child of Robert and Anne.

In the will of Jane FAWSITT Mary‘s daughter, Ann, received a bequest from her [great] aunt. [Hull History Centre ref: U DDFF/6/2]

Robert CROMPTON Jnr, born 1665

John Venn's Alumni Cantabrigenses, Part 1 page 422 published in 1922, gives a brief detail of Robert's academic achievement at Cambridge.

Pensioner; the second of the three ranks in which students Matriculated.

Robert of Little Ruston esq., the fourth child of Robert and Anne, married Mary FAWSITT, the daughter of John and Jane FAWSITT of Burnby circa 1684. Their marriage settlement is dated 23 December 1685, involved Sir William STRICKLAND of Boynton, Sir Barrington BOWSER of Beningbrough, John FAWSITT of Burnby, and Richard FAWSITT of Hull gents. and manor of& estate in Sledmore alis Sleidmer, a close called Kelke Leese in Kelke, closes called Bracybridge, the Holmes, Ladymore Ings, Three Cornered Close, Antient Holmes and Marram Close; messuage, 3 cottages, 4 closes & 24 oxgangs in Little Ruston. [Hull History Centre ref: U DDSY/62/64]

By 1703 Robert was leasing small amounts of land around Sledmere. [Hull History Centre ref: U DDSY/62/277, U DDSY/62/280, and U DDSY/62/210].

When his mother-in-law, Jane FAWSITT, already a widow, died she left a bequest to grandchildren Walter, William, Robert, John and Chiney (grand-daughter) CROMPTON and her [great] niece Ann, daughter Mary CROMPTON. [Hull History Centre ref: U DDFF/6/2]

Borthwick Letters appoint Robert Crompton as Ann Jegon's executor. One is signed by Robert Crompton who gives his address as St Stephens, Walbrooke, London. It is know from the Pell apprition that Robert Crompton lived in London because that's where the apparition appeared. The website for St Stephens church tells that the church was destroyed in the great fire of London and was rebuilt in 1680 by Christopher Wren who lived nearby. Maybe he was a neighbour of Robert Crompton!

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Walter CROMPTON of Sunderlandwick and William of Little Ruston

In 1721 Walter CROMPTON of Sunderlandwick and William CROMPTON of Little Ruston, gents., [were referred to as] younger sons of Robert CROMPTON of Little Ruston, gent. dec‘d, [Hull History Centre ref: U DRA/1149]

Walter moved to Scarborough. In his will, proved 2 December 1755, Robert and Chiney [Cheney] were not mentioned.

Right: Sunderlandwick Hall circa 1945
Old Sunderlandwick Hall circa 1945 - 39kB jpg

The house, in the photo, was burnt down on Victory over Japan (VJ) night 1945 after the Canadian troops billeted there set fire to curtains during their celebrations. The mansion, in the Italian style, was pleasantly situated in a well wooded park of 70 acres.


The dates of births, deaths and marriages of these Cromptons needs checking.

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