1660 Info 3a: Cromptons of the Restoration
The children of Robert Crompton and Ceziah Strickland

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Their daughter, Ceziah CROMPTON born 1631

Ceziah or Cessia or Sekeziah (From Dugdale's Visitation), the eldest child of Robert and Ceziah was baptised on 16 January 1631. She married Englebert LEEDES (also recorded as Inglebert Leeds) of North Milford, now a farm to the south of Tadcaster. She was buried at Holy Trinity, Goodramgate, York, on 5 December 1673. The Leedes family originated in Wappinghamthorne, Sussex.

The Leedes family is of particular importance as Thoroughbred racehorse breeders 1 established through Leedes Arabian. Approximately 250 horses bred or owned by Edward LEEDES have been found, but it was the much smaller number of horses bred by Englebert and his sons which had greater influence on the breed. Only about twenty records of these horses have been identified.
Milford Hall near Tadcaster - 43kB jpg
Above: Milford Hall, near Tadcaster

Their daughter, Anne CROMPTON born circa 1631

Ann was married twice:

  1. to William METCALFE an Alderman of York in about 1650;
  2. to Arthur JEGON, of Lincolns Inn gent., before 27 April1665.

The marriage settlement of 1 April 1650, William METCALFE and Anne CROMPTON, a daughter of Robert CROMPTON of Gt. Driffield esq. dec‘d. received the manor & estate of Wansford. The settlement was between Sir William Strickland of Boynton, Anne‘s grandfather, and Thomas CROMPTON of Hutton Cranswicke, Anne‘s half-brother from Robert and Ann Halderly. [Hull History Centre ref: U DSY/68/15 - see end note]

By 27 April 1665 Ann had married Arthur JEGON of Lincolns Inn. [Hull History Centre ref: U DDSY/68/19] but had retained manor & estate of Wandesforth (sic). By 17 October 1674 Ann was a widow and a farm called Catlaine [now Cattleholmes near Wansford] in Lowthorpe was sold to pay Arthur JEGON esq. dec‘d. debts. The Manor of Wandesford (sic) was held in trust to pay the residue of her debts. The sale raised £150 for Frances, wife of John West jnr. & daughter of Arthur JEGON esq. dec‘d. and an annuity of £40 to Arthur JEGON younger son of Anne JEGON; then for the use of Robert JEGON, eldest son of Anne JEGON. & heirs of his body, with remainder to Robert CROMPTON eldest son of Robert CROMPTON of Little Ruston esq. [Hull History Centre ref: U DDSY/68/23] [NOTE: Check whether Robert CROMPTON eldest son of Robert CROMPTON of Little Ruston esq. is the eldest or second son.]

On 16 October 1673 - 17 October 1673 Robert CROMPTON of Ruston esq. & wife Anne lease to Anne JEGON of Wandesford, widow, 2 messuages, 2 little closes, cottage & 8 oxgangs in Sledmere. [Hull History Centre ref: U DDSY/62/72]

By 6 June 1690 Anne JEGON and her eldest son Robert had moved to Nafferton where, amongst others, Robert CROMPTON of Ruston acted as trustees Robert. [Hull History Centre ref: U DDSY/68/30] Robert JEGON, returned to Wansford circa 5 November 1690. [Hull History Centre ref: U DDSY/68/32]

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Hull History Centre references to Anne Jegon

Document Ref: Date Description
DDSY/68/16 11 February 1664 (ii) Arthur Jegon of Lincolns Inn esq. & wife Anne, widow of William Metcalfe, as DDSY/68/15, to William Pannett gent., William Wyvell mercer & William Parker merchant, all of York (by appointment, and as trustees, of A. & A.J.) Manor & estate of Wansford: Further to a Decree in Chancery & subject to estate of Frances Metcalfe. Witn. Ro. Alderson, Wm. Benson, Rich. Read, Fran. Topham, J. Thomson, John Pannell, Thomas Oddie
DDSY/62/72 16-17 October
Lease and Release: (i) Robert Crompton of Ruston esq. & wife Anne to
(ii) Anne Jegon of Wandesford widow, Henry Megson of Sledmere yeoman & wife Frances, George Byfeild of North Grimston gent. & wife Hannah and
(iii) their trustees Robert Bucke of Flotmanby esq. & Thomas Langley of North Grimston gent.
DDSY/68/23 16-17 October
Settlement: Anne Jegon, as 68/21, to Durand Hotham of Winthorpe esq., Robert Bucke of Flotmanby esq. & Thomas Langley of York gent.
Manor & estate of Wandesforth. Farm called Catlaine in Lowthorpe. Catlaine to be sold to pay debts of A.K. Manor of Wandesford in trust to pay residue of her debts; then to raise £150 for Frances wife of John West jnr. & daughter of Arthur Jegon esq. dec'd. and an annuity of £40 to Arthur Jegon younger son of Anne J.; then to use of Robert Jegon eldest son of Anne J. & heirs of his body, with remainder to Robert Crompton eldest son of Robert Crompton of Little Ruston esq. Witn. Leo. Richardson, Beniamin Pybus, Jos. Heslerton
DDSY/68/24 22 Jun 1675 Revocation of DDSY/68/23 by Anne Jegon. Witn. T. Rokeby, John Thompson, James Atkinson
DDSY/68/26 23-24 June 1675 Mortgage for £1,500: Grace Molyneux & Anne Jegon to Benjamin Lister (as DDSY/68/25) for £600 to G.M. & £900 to A.J.
DDSY/68/29 19-20 February
Mortgage: Anne Jegon widow to her son & heir Robert J. esq. both of Nafferton: for £3,000 in all (including payments to specified creditors of A.J.)
Manor & estate of Wansford (including premises reserved in DDSY/68/22); with closes called Hall Flatts, land at the Townend, Greengate Flatts, High Dyke Close, Doning Close, Mill Crook Close, Hall Ings, Cross Flatts, Spittlefeild Closes, Middle Barr, Laine Head Flatts, Saynfoyne Close, Woodflatts, 2 Islands in West Ings, Bynington Piece, Panierman Crooke, an Island in Snakeholme & Walkers Garth; parcels in the town fields; Read House & adjoining close and a water corn-mill; the White House and a fulling; and messuages, closes & lands. Tenants named: Witn. Tho. Langley senr. & jnr., Hen. Justice. Seal, armorial, of A.J.
DDSY/68/27 24 March 1688 Attached is Acquittance for £500 of the mortgage principal, paid to Benjamin Lister by Anne Jegon & her son & heir Robert J. esq. Witn. Rev. Leonard Wastell, Chr. Pinckney, Francis Canter
DDSY/68/30 06 June 1690 i) Anne Jegon now of Nafferton
ii) John Thompson of York alderman to
iii) Robert Crompton of Ruston & Thomas Langley of North Grimston esqs. as trustees for
iv) Robert Jegon of Nafferton esq.: as DDSY/68/20: Recites Lease of the premises for 500 years from A.H. & John Hill, as 68/20, to J.T. (20 January 1671/2). Witn F. Langley, Tho. Bovell, Tho. Leppington
DDSY/68/31 06 Jun 1690 Quitclaim: Anne Jegon to Robert Jegon (both as DDSY/68/30)

Anne was buried, in 1701, at Ruston Parva under the name of Lady JIGGINS? (JEGON).

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Their son, Walter CROMPTON of Sunderlandwicke born 1632

Walter was baptised in 1632. He married Ann daughter of John Pearson of SETTTINGTON. Sunderlandwicke is a hamlet south, south west of Driffield comprising of a hall, Old Sunderlandwicke and the abandoned medieval village. His will was proved in 1694.

Their son, Robert CROMPTON born 1633

Robert was baptised in 1633. John Venn's Alumni Cantabrigenses, Part 1 page 422, published in 1922, gives a brief detail of Robert's academic achievement at Cambridge.

Pensioner; the second of the three ranks in which students Matriculated - a commoner who pays his own tuition and common or food.

Robert CROMPTON, of Kelke, gent. 'married Anne WHEATH daughter of Phillip WHEATH of Hinderwell [and Sledmere] gent. dec‘d.‘ and Isabell (widow of Phillip WHEATH) on 9 July 1661 at Holy Trinity, Goodramgate, York.

Source: IGI and [Hull History Centre ref: U DDSY/62/61 and Sykes Papers]

His mother-in-law, Isabell WHEATH, had married Ralph LUTTON of Hinderwell gent.

Right: Map locating Great Kelk
Map locating Great Kelk - 28Kb gif
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Little Ruston Hall c,1720 - 49kB jpg Left: Little Ruston Hall occupied in 1674 by Robert CROMPTON. With eight hearths it was the largest house in Ruston Parva. Samuel Buck's unfinished sketch, circa 1720, may show the late 17th century house. Shortly after the sketch the CROMPTON's sold the estate. The house was demolished before the mid 19th century.

Source: British Library unknown access number/Roger parking

The will of Phillip WHEATH (5 January 1652/3) necessitated an agreement to be made on 18 April 1666 to settle any possible disputes over legacies to Isabell and Anne. [Hull History Centre ref: U DDSY/62/61] It is assumed that this is where Sledmere came into the CROMPTON family. Robert and Ann‘s marriage settlement, of 1 November 1666, with Thomas STRICKLAND of Boynton & Walter CROMPTON of Sunderlandwick esqs. mentions:

In the following years the Sledmere lands were variously leased and released to different tenants, including Anne JEGON.

Robert died 18 April 1674.


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More information 1
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The Leedes family maintained a stud of some distinction for the better part of a century at North Milford, near Tadcaster in Yorkshire. The family had been established there at least as early as the dawn of the sixteenth century. A century later Marie LEEDES married a southern kinsman, Sir Thomas LEEDES of Wappingthorne, Sussex, and in 1663 and 1664 there are records of Englebert LEEDES selling parts of the Wappingthorne estate to both the Goring family and the Fagg(e) family, names which are associated with early bloodstock activity.

Englebert LEEDES (1638c-1703), continually confused with his granddaughter's husband Edward Rookes LEEDES, married twice. With Sekeziah [Ceziah CROMPTON], his first wife, he had six children, all but Elizabeth (perhaps to whom the mare Betty LEEDES, dam of Flying Childers and Bartlet's Childers, owes her name) predeceasing him.

Leedes Arabian - 24kB jpg With his second wife, Mary, he had five children, Anthony (1675c-1711), Robert (1676c-1720) and three daughters who predeceased either himself or Anthony. Robert had an illegitimate son, John, who was heir to £500 but seemingly not the estate. Robert's will provided that his daughter Mary (1718c-1758), the only one of his several legitimate children to survive him, would inherit on the condition that if she married, her husband would take the Leedes surname. Mary married Edward Rookes (1713c-1785) of Royds Hall in 1741. After her death Edward Rookes LEEDES, perhaps undermined by the expenses of running such a large stud, was declared bankrupt in 1781, at which time the stud was dispersed; in August 1785, Leedes took his own life in his carriage.
Above: Leedes Arabian
Englebert LEEDES was associated with about a dozen early entries in the stud book, including the Leedes Arabian, the great runner Old Careless, and mares such as Piping Peg, Charming Jenny and Bay Peg.

His son Anthony was associated with less than half that number, mostly stock descended from his father's, and for which he advertised for dispersal in 1710, the year preceding his death [London Post Boy, 1710].

Robert, perhaps without interest in the family business, was known as the breeder of only one horse, Wanton Willy, also descended from his father's bloodstock, whom he ran at York in 1718 and sold thereafter for 300 guineas. [...]

Between the death of Robert and the arrival of Edward Rookes LEEDES it appears as though the stud was inactive. Edward is credited with breeding the good runner and stallion Tartar [...]

[…] the horse known as the Leedes Arabian made a lasting contribution to the stud book.

Source: Adapted from the research of Professor Richard Nash of Indiana University, Bloomington, on the Leedes family Thoroughbred Bloodlines - Leedes Arabian

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