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Early IGI records

The International Genealogical Index (IGI v.5) makes no reference to Prestolee. However the map of 2003 shows that Prestolee is still close to open land which rises a minimum of 75m from the river. Could this land have been moorland in the 16th century hence Prestolee was known as Bolton le Moors.

Working back from the known deaths of John of Beverley, Dr Thomas LLD and Richard of Hacking, who died between 1598 and 1604, and the details of Ralph Assheton (see 1598info3), the father of John's wife Eleanor, it is possible to reason:

Of the recorded John of Prestolee ours is likely to have been:

Source: IGI v.5 Batch:            Type:
MC male christening,   MM male marriage,    FM female marriage
FC female christening, HM husband marriage, WM wife marriage

John Crompton b.~1490       Bolton Le Moors, Lancashire
              m.~1515       Mrs Crompton   of Bolton Le Moors, Lancashire
                            b.~1495        Bolton Le Moors, Lancashire

Other John CROMPTONs registered are:

John Crompton b.~1510       Crompton, Lancashire
John Crompton b.~1524       Crompton, Lancashire
              m.~1548       Mrs Crompton  of Crompton, Lancashire
John Crompton b.            Oldham
              d.18mar1564/5 Oldham                                           
John Crompton b.~1560       Harwood, Lancashire  Film:183479 Ref:42475 Page:1240
John Crompton b.~1560       Bolton Le Moors, Lancashire Film:1239519, Ref:7214 Page:344                             
John Crompton b.~1569       Darcy Lever, Lancashire  Film:1239589, Ref: 27407
              m.            Mrs. John Crompton of Darcy Lever, Lancashire Film:1239589 
                            Ref:27407 b.~1571                             
John Crompton b.~1570       Bolton Le Moors, Lancashire  Film:448010 Ref:93477 Page:1
              m.20oct1594   Isabell Longworth  of Bolton Le Moors, Lancashire b.~1574
John Andrew   b.~1567 
Crompton      d.
              m.            Jane Lever, Little Lever
John Crompton  b.16sep1614? 
Adam Crompton  b.~1577       Bolton Le Moors, Lancashire
               m.02aug1602   Mary Bradshaw of Bolton Le Moors, Lancashire
                             d.27dec1660  Bolton Le Moors, Lancashire
1598info, sheet 2

Mary Agnes Tibbits (nee CROMPTON) declared the mother of Dr. Thomas CROMPTON LLD to be Eleanor, daughter of Ralph Assheton of Great Lever, Whalley Lancashire. Whilst the birth of Eleanor has yet to be found it is possible that IGI v.5 records her parents as:

Source: IGI v.5 Batch:   Source:    Type:
Ralph/Rauf Asheton  b.~1500 Great Lever, Lancashire
                    m.      Eleanor/Elena de Hulton  of Hulton, Lancashire

Although the birth of Eleanor, wife of John CROMPTON is not recorded it would seem possible that Ralph and Eleanor named their daughter after her mother. If Ralph was born about 1500 then he is likely to have married about 1525 with Eleanor being born before 1530. Her marriage to John CROMPTON would be about 1550, with their three known children being born in the following five years. These children are known to have died between 1598 and 1604, at about fifty years old.

It is interesting to note that John's father, John CROMPTON of Prestolee, married Catherine HULTON, daughter of Alan HULTON of Farnsworth Hall. It is therefore possible that the mother-in- law of his son, John CROMPTON of Prestolee and London, may have been Eleanor HULTON of Hulton, Lancashire and from the same family.

IGI shows three Catherine HULTON, an Alan HULTON and an Adam HULTON (a possible transcription error for a family name of Alan).

Source: IGI v.5 Batch:   Source:    Type:
Adam Hulton         b.~1529      of Hulton Park, Lancashire
                    d.29sep1572  of Hulton Park, Lancashire 
                    m.03nov1534  Clemence Norris of Speke, Lancashire
Catherine Hulton    b.~1536      of Farnsworth, Lancashire
Alan Hulton         b.
                    m.~1559      Margaret Porter of Farnsworth, Lancs
                                 Katherine Hulton
Catherine Hulton    b.~1543      of Hulton Park, Lancashire
Catherine Hulton    b.~1557      of Farnsworth, Lancashire

However it is unlikely that any of these names are relevant to the family tree. They are more likely to be the descendants of Catherine daughter of Alan HULTON of Farnworth.

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