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Louisa Charlotte Blackman

Louisa Charlotte BLACKMAN, the third child of Frances Emily CROMPTON and William BLACKMAN, was born on 06 October 1875 and died 13 November 1961. On 01 January 1904 she married William James WINES, who was born on the 26 October 1868 at Payalon, Victoria and who died on the 02 April 1957. Emily BLACKMAN, second child of Frances Emily Crompton and William BLACKMAN, taught at the Pyalong State School. Perhaps she introduced Louisa to William.

Right: Louisa Charlotte BLACKMAN circa 1895 taken from the family photograph of the Blackman girls
Source: Heather Schoffelen
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Ross McMullin describes the allure of the Western Australia goldfields, liken it to that of the Ballarat bonanza.

[…] The splendour of 'Marvellous Melbourne' had attracted international acclaim during the 1880s, but after the calamitous bank crashes of 1893 the once-wondrous capital was like a pricked balloon. The ensuing profound depression affected the whole colony.
Many Victorians decided to escape this widespread gloom and hardship by venturing, like their parents and grandparents, to the latest gold discoveries. Their destination was Western Australia, which was in the process of being as dramatically transformed by its golden riches as Victoria had been during the 1850s. Even the relatively modest quantity of gold that was unearthed in the Kimberley ranges well before the catastrophic bank crashes was enough to attract to that arid, remote, and sparsely settled region plenty of adventurers from the other side of the continent. 'The Kimberley goldfields are still unsettling the minds of many farming residents of this district', reported the East Charlton Tribune in mid-1886. It 'is now certain', the paper added, 'that many settlers, disheartened by the miscarriage of their efforts to make a comfortable living out of their holdings, propose venturing to the new outbreak' . The rush to the Kimberleys was the prelude to further Westralian gold discoveries. […] Late in 1892, just when Victoria's economic plight was about to become alarming, confirmation came that gold had been unearthed in dazzling quantities 120 miles east of Southern Cross at the spot that became known
1821info11e, sheet 2
around the world as Coolgardie. Shortly afterwards there were spectacular discoveries at Kalgoorlie. Gold seekers poured into Western Australia. 1

The Australian Electoral Rolls, 1903-1980 shows

until 1913. Brown Hill now part of Boulder, Boulder, which borders on Kalgoorlie and Coolgardie all being in the Goldfields, when the family returned to Middle Park, Melbourne.

Right: A map locating Brown Hill, Kalgoorlie and Boulder in the goldfields
Locating Brown Hill and Boulder - 29kB jpg
Right: 141 Ashworth Street in 2013

where they lived until 1931, when two of their children lived with them. In 1943 Tom Blackman sent a letter to this address.
141 Ashworth Street in 2013 - 40kB jpg
1821info11e, sheet 3

until 1931 when Hazel Jean appears at Ashworth Street

In 1934, only Mavis Louise was living at home. In 1936, Gwenneth Charlotte returned home to join Mavis. In 1943 the couple were alone, living at the same address until after 1949.

Louisa Charlotte died on 13 November 1961 Vic BMD 21710/1961) in the Surrey Hills area of Melbourne.

Right: Louisa Charlotte Wines née Blackman c.1960 Source: Unknown family member
  Charlotte Blackman c.1960 - 35kB jpg
1821info11e, sheet 4
Louisa Charlotte Blackman's memorial - 38kB jpg William James was cremated on 03 April 1957 and Louisa Charlotte on 15 December 1961, both at Springvale Botanical Cemetery.

Left: Louisa Charlotte Blackman's memorial at Springvale

It is believed they had five children:

Hazel Jean WINES was born in 26 June 1905 in Boulder, Western Australian (WA) Ref:590

The Australian Electoral Rolls, 1903-1980 shows the Wines family together

This is where, Lyle Crompton HOUGHTON, née WINES, was living in 1943 whilst her husband Albert was on war service.

In 1934 Hazel married Frank Cyril HUNTING who was born on 08 March 1910 in WA.

The Australian Electoral Rolls, 1903-1980 shows

where Frank lived with his brother Frank August a salesman.

The couple went on to live at several homes in three States as Frank followed his non- conformist ministry.

Between 1937 and 1943 the couple moved to New South Wales

and then, between 1946 and 1949 to Queensland

1821info11e, sheet 5

before returning, the same year, to Ballarat in Victoria, where they remained, though a different addresses until the final available Electoral Roll in 1972

In 1963 their son Francis William, a student, was living at the same address.

Before 1967 there was a move to 1143 Eyre Street, which leads to Ballarat South Presbyterian Church at 212 Armstrong St, Ballarat.

In 1968 their son Francis John was recorded living at 1143 Eyre Street. The couple remained at Eyre Street until the last available record of 1972.

However, after this date there was a move to Adelaide, where Hazel died on 26 August 1986 and Francis Cyril on 22 December 1999. They are both recorded as being buried in Bains Road Cemetery in Morphett Vale, an area of southern Adelaide. There is no obvious Trove records.

Mavis Louise WINES, born in 1907 in Boulder, W.A. Ref:408.

The Australian Electoral Rolls, 1903-1980 shows the Wines family together

Between 1934 and 1937 she was the only child living with her parents at Ashworth Street. This is where Lyle Crompton HOUGHTON née WINES was living in 1943 whilst her husband Albert was on war service.

HER sister, Miss Lyle Wines, was the only attendant of Mavis Louise, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Wines, Middle Park, when she was married to Alan Carlisle, second son of Mr. and Mrs. P. Harris, Richmond. The bride's gown was of heavenly blue shade and the bridesmaid's of cyclamen. 2
Lyle and Mavis Wines - 42kB jpg
Above: Lyle (left) and Mavis Wines at Mavis' wedding circa 01 March 1941. This assumes the bride had the larger bouquet.
1821info11e, sheet 6
Heavenly blue was the shade of the lovely gown worn by Mavis Louise, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Wines, Ashworth-street, Middle Park, at her wedding to Alan Carlisle, second son of Mr. and Mrs. P. Harris, Charlotte-street, Richmond, at the Church of Christ, Middle Park. She chose a picture hat of matching summer felt and carried a bouquet of pale cyclamen shaded waterlilies. Her bridesmaid, Miss Lyle Wines, wore a frock of cyclamen crepe matched to her felt hat and carried blue delphiniums. Mr. A. A. Hughes officiated and Mr. W. Brand was best man. The reception was held at the George hotel, St. Kilda. 3

In 1943 Mavis Louse and her husband moved to

where they remained until between 1949 and 1954, when they moved to

before moving to number 6 where they remained until the last available Electoral Roll of 1980

Mavis Louise was cremated on 10 December 1993 and Alan Carlyle on 25 May 1994 and  both at Springvale Botanical Cemetery .

Mabel Louise WINES born in 1911 at 186 Wittenoom, Boulder, Ref 399, and who died in Boulder in 1911 Ref: 138

Gwenneth Murray WINES ...

... was born 1914 at Ashworth Street, Middle Park, Melbourne. About the 22 April 1939, she married James Joseph HAWE of Toorak, a Melbourne suburb, born in Waterford, Ireland and who died in 1985. (Death Cert. Record 1985/17935).  He enlisted in February 1942 as VX186993 and was discharged in January 1944.

MISS GWENNETH WINES (at left), daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Wines, Middle Park, whose marriage to Mr. James Joseph Hawe, Toorak, will be celebrated at the Carmelite Church, [Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church?] Middle Park.

TO-DAY'S BRIDES, 22 April 1939, The Age, p.17 (Accessed: 07 August 2017)

Left: Gwenneth Wines' wedding photo

Gwenneth Wines' wedding photo - 27kB jpg
1821info11e, sheet 7

The Australian Electoral Rolls, 1903-1980 shows

After her 1939 marriage Gwenneth Mary was living alone, with her husband presumed to be on war service.

In 1949 the Electoral Roll gives different addresses for the couple

before settling in Chadstone, later in the shadow of the Monash Freeway, until 1980

when they were recorded living a block apartments 1km from 56 Alma Road

James Joseph was cremated on 25 July 1985 and Gwenneth Murray on 11 November 1999, both at Springvale Botanical Cemetery.

James Hawes' memorial - 30kB jpg Gwenneth Hawes' memorial - 35kB jpg

1821info11e, sheet 8

Lyle Crompton WINES, born 07 May 1918 at Ashworth Street, Middle Park, Melbourne

The Australian Electoral Rolls, 1903-1980 shows

In 1943 Lyle Crompton HOUGHTON was 'down-the-road' by 800m, at an address that was to become their home

In 2013, 141 Ashworth street is still a tradition bungalow with wrought iron veranda decoration crammed between modern development. Where as, in 2013, number 12 was a much smaller, single window and door fronted bungalow. In 1954 they moved to 18 Melrose Street where they stayed until after 1968.

By 1977, the couple moved to Box Hill with two of their sons being over 21 and registered, where they remained until the final available Electoral Roll of 1980.

Albert William was cremated on 18 June 2008 and Lyle Crompton on 29 August 2012, both at Springvale Botanical Cemetery. Later their cremated remains were interred in the Lee Ashes Section of Andersons Creek Cemetery, Warrandyte, 20 minutes from their Box Hill home.

The Age Notices of 20 August 2012 records:

Passed away peacefully. Loved and loving wife of Albert (dec.). Loving mother and mother-in-law to Robert, John and Marilyn, Peter, Glenys and John (deC). Grandmother to Narelle and Phil; Bradley and Tomoko; Andrew and Amber; David, Laura and Chris; Christopher and Anna. Great-grandmother to Misako, Namie, Cassie and Joshua. Much loved, sadly missed.

End notes

  1. McMullin, Ross, Pompey Elliott, Scribe Publication, North Carlton, 2002 p.16
  2. With Lace Veil, 1 March 1941, The Age, p. 15 (Accessed: 07 August 2017)
  3. The Age, Brides and their maids 24 February 1941, p.3. (Accessed: 07 August 2017)

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