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It is interesting to note that in the 1881 census Joseph CROMPTON was a visitor at his sister Mary's home in Carnaby, perhaps looking for work as an itinerant shepherd on the Wolds.

1881 Census  Sun/Mon 2/3rd April 1881
Source:      FHL Film  TNA Ref RG11 
             Piece: 4798; Folio: 5; Page: 4; Sched: 11;                   
Dwelling:    [A cottage two doors beyond the wheelwright's house and shop]
Place:       Carnaby, York, England

Name                      Rel   Mar Age  Occupation     Birthplace
Richard Chaplin          Head    M  35   Farm labourer  Yorks, Driffield
Mary Chaplin             Wife    M  29   Farmers wife   Yorks, Newbald Wold
Emily Crompton         Step dau      7   Scholar        Yorks, Nafferton      
Joseph Richard Chaplin    Son        3                  Yorks, Nafferton
Sarah Maria Chaplin       Dau        1                  Yorks, Carnaby
Walter Clubley          Board        7mn                Yorks, Carnaby
Joseph Crompton         Visit    U  26   Shepherd       Yorks, Nafferton
William Crompton        Lodger   U  35   Nil            Yorks, Newbald    Imbecile & lame

In the fourth quarter of 1881, Joseph married Elizabeth CLUBLEY (GRO ref: Bridlington 9d 623), born in the fourth quarter of 1852 (GRO ref: Bridlington 9d 227). Elizabeth' s family name has associations with the Cromptons. In 1881 she lived in a Carnaby farm house as a general servant to the house keeper/head to a 256 acre absent landlord farmer.

1881 Census  Sun/Mon 2/3rd April 1881
Source:      FHL Film  TNA Ref RG11 
             Piece: 4798;  Folio: 4;  Page: 1;  Sched: 1                      
Dwelling:    Farm house 
Place:       Carnaby, Yorks ER, England

Name                 Rel Mar Age Occupation                            Birthplace
Jane Stephenson    House  S  60  General Servant                       Yorks, Flamborough
                  Keeper         Farm 256 Acres Employing 6 Labourers
Elizabeth Clubley   Serv  S  23  General Servant                       Yorks, Carnaby
Francis Colley      Serv  S  35  Groom Servant (D)                     Yorks, Muston

In the 1881 Chaplin census, Walter CLUBLEY, aged seven months, was a boarder and Joseph CROMPTON a lodger. Walter Hart CLUBLEY was born in the fourth quarter of 1880 (GRO ref: Bridlington 9d 321) and died in the fourth quarter of 1882 (GRO ref: Bridlington  9d 227). The exact relationship or coincidence has not been established. However, Mary CHAPLIN may have been looking after the natural son of Elizabeth CLUBLEY and Joseph CROMPTON. But, Walter's second name may indicate the surname of his natural father.

The couple started their own family. Joseph was still employed as a shepherd, but it should be noted that in the six year spread of his children's births he has lived in at least four villages.

1891 Census   Sun/Mon 5/6th April 1891
Source:       FHL Film  TNA Ref RG12
              Piece: 3957; Folio: 90; Page: 18; Sched: 141;
Dwelling:     West Street
Place:        Kilham, York, England

Name                Rel  Mar Age Occupation  Birthplace
Joseph Crompton     Head  M  36  Shepherd    Yorks, Nafferton 
Elizabeth Crompton  Wife  M  33              Yorks, Carnaby
William Crompton    Son       8  Scholar     Yorks, Nafferton
Sarah J Crompton    Dau       7  Scholar     Yorks, Thornholme
Charles H Crompton  Son       5  Scholar     Yorks, Thornholme
Henrietta Crompton  Dau       3              Yorks, Harpham
Fred Crompton       Son       1              Yorks, Burton Agnes
1808info5, sheet 2
West Street, Kilham 2010 - 31kB jpg Left: A small cottage in West Street, Kilham that may have been Joseph CROMPTON'S home

Elizabeth died in the third quarter of 1896 (GRO ref: Bridlington 9d 255). By the 1901 census William, Sarah J and Charles H have left home. Mary COOPER, though married, had moved in to 6 Eastgate Lane, Rudston with her three children. Joseph seems to have settled in Rudston for some seven years.

1901 Census   Sun/Mon 31st March/1st April 1901
Source:       FHL Film  TNA Ref RG13
              Piece: 4526; Folio: 53; Page: 2; Sched: 10;                    
Dwelling:     6 Eastgate Lane
Place:        Rudston, York ER, England

Name                Rel   Mar Age Occupation              Status  Birthplace
Joseph Crompton     Head  Wid 40  Shepherd                Worker  Yorks, Nafferton
Henrietta Crompton  Dau       14                                  Yorks, Tharnon??
Fred Crompton       Son       12                                  Yorks, Burton Agnes
George Crompton     Son        8                                  Yorks, Kilham
Richard Crompton    Son        8                                  Yorks, Kilham 
Walter Crompton     Son        7                                  Yorks, Rudston
Mary Cooper         Serv   M  31  Housekeeper - domestic          Yorks, Bainton  
Joseph Cooper       Board     12                                  Yorks, Driffield 
Charles Cooper      Board      9                                  Yorks, Driffield 
Annie Cooper        Board      3                                  Yorks, Driffield 

Although the census enumerator recorded the people as living in Eastgate Lane the 1911 map shows only the name East Gate. However, the village has several other streets named as Lane. In fact, Eastgate is a dead end and leads into a footpath, or lane. In 1901 the progress of the enumerator was:

  1. Eastgate House which, being at the end of the lane and a good place to start, is perhaps called Eastgate House Farm in 2008;
  2. The second home recorded was Eastgate Hind House: Hind being 'located at the back or rear' of Eastgate House;
  3. The Manor;
  4. The Vicarage;
  5. 23 dwellings were recorded in Eastgate Lane: Joseph lived at number 6 and the shop was number 17
  6. Kilham Lane, to the south-west edge of the map.

This suggests, depending on the enumerator's route, that Joseph Crompton lived in the row of cottages marked red.

1808info5, sheet 3
A 1911 1:10,560 map locating Eastgate in Rudston - 16Kb gif
Above: A 1911 1:10,560 map of Rudston showing Joseph's possible home in red

Eastgate, Rudston at the turn of the 20th century - 140Kb jpg
Above: Eastgate, Rudston at the turn of the 20th century showing Eastgate Bridge, one of the village pumps, marked P on the map, and the Methodist Chapel.
Source: Rudston Village Web Site
1808info5, sheet 4
The postcard gives a good picture of the where Joseph CROMPTON lived at the time of the 1901 census. It is possible that the shop was located in the row of cottages on the left under the final chimney stack. It is thererfore possible that Joseph lived in the cottages on the opposite side of the road.

It is believed that these cottages have been replaced by modern bungalows.

Right: Eastgate, Rudston in 2010 from the bridge
Eastgate, Rudstone 2010 - 44kB jpg

An aerial photograph of Eastgate Lane, Rudston - 131Kb jpg
Above: The village of Rudston 2007, with the modern Eastgate leading to the cross roads

1808info5, sheet 5

Joseph CROMPTON remarries

In the fourth quarter of 1901 Joseph married Annie JENNISON (GRO ref: Bridlington 9d 713) who may have been born in the third quarter of 1856 (GRO ref: Driffield 9d 240).

1911 Census:      Sun/Mon 2nd April/3rd April 1911
Source:   TNA Ref:        RG14 PN28913  
          Reg. Gen. Ref:  RG78 PN1664; En.Dist: 5; Sched: 74
          RegDist: Bridlington SubDist: Hunmanby
Dwelling: Eastgate             
Place:    Rudston, Bridlington, Yorkshire East Riding              
Rooms in dwelling, other than scullery, landing, lobby, closet, bathroom: 3
Years married: 10         
Children:      Alive none, dead none 

Name                Rel  Mar Age  Occupation            Status  Birthplace 
Joseph Crompton   Head    M  56   Farm Labourer         Worker  Yorks, Nafferton  
Annie Crompton    Wife    M  45                                 Yorks, Beeford  
Charles Jennison  Stepson S  23   Farm Labourer         Worker  Yorks, Cranswick
Harold Jennison   Stepson S  12   School                        Yorks, Driffield  
Stanley Crompton  Gson        5   School                        Yorks, Bridlington

Joseph died in the fourth quarter of 1915 (GRO ref: Bridlington 9d 468) and it is possible that Annie died in the third quarter of 1944 (GRO ref: Holderness 9d 80)

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