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Margaret louisa (Nelly), the eighth child of Thomas and Margaret

Margaret louisa was born in the first quarter of 1881 (GRO ref: Driffield 9d 311).

1901 Census   Sun/Mon 31st March/1st April 1901
Source:       FHL Film  TNA Ref RG13
              Piece 4524 Folio 94 Page 27  Sched 199                       
Dwelling:     'Annandale', 2 Cambridge Street 
Place:        Bridlington, York ER, England

Name                 Rel  Mar Age Occupation      Status   Birthplace
Margaret Williams    Head Wid 54  Retired farmer           Yorks, Barmston
Margaret L Crompton  Dau   U  20                           Yorks, Lowthorpe
Constance E Crompton Dau   U  18                           Yorks, Lowthorpe
Arthur M Crompton    Son   U  13                           Yorks, Lowthorpe
1911 Census:      Sun/Mon 2nd April/3rd April 1911
Source:   TNA Ref:        RG14 PN28859  
          Reg. Gen. Ref:  RG78 PN1659  En.Dist: 4 Sched: 22A
          RegDist: Driffield SubDist: Driffield
Dwelling: Driffield Road              
Place:    Nafferton, Driffield, Yorkshire East Riding              
Rooms in dwelling, other than scullery, landing, lobby, closet, bathroom: 7
Children:      - Alive, - none 

Name                         Rel  Mar Age Occupation                    Birthplace 
Margaret Elizabeth Williams  Head  W  69  None                          Yorks, Barmston   
Margaret Louisa Crompton      Dau  U  30  Vocalist And Teacher Singing  Yorks, Lowthorpe 
Constance Eleanor Crompton    Dau  U  28                                Yorks, Lowthorpe 
Catherine Haye Simpson       Comp  U  20  Lady Help                     Edinburgh
Edith Precious               Serv  U  20  General Servant               Ross, Seaton
1805info2c, sheet 2
On 12 November 1917 Margaret elizabeth and her daughter began a series of correspondence with the Australian Red Cross in a vain attempt to find their son and brother John henry. He had been wrongly reported 'Wounded in Action' after an attack near Passchendaele.

The letter, on the right, is one of the last written.

Reading the letters and looking at the handwriting suggests that both Margarets were forceful and forthright people - both ladies show a common crossing of the letter 't' and careful crossings-out. Miss Margaret, who as the youngest surviving daughter, appears to have stayed at home and has made the search for John henry a focus in her life. Her use of language and her style suggests that she is an educated person, able to write on equal terms with officialdom in an open, honest and straight forward manner. She knows who she is and perhaps a different person from her travelling brother.
Letter of 07 July 18 - 85kB gif

At sometime around 1936, Margaret married Michael Duggleby of Davenport, Scott County, Iowa, USA, who was born at Cottam Grange, Langtoft on 08 August 1869 the son of Alfred W. Duggleby and Mary Hannah Simpson.

1805info2c, sheet 3

Michael walby Duggleby's first marriage

Michael Duggleby emigrated from Hull to Australia in 1887 with his brother Alfred (1861-1941) who had married Lily Macktelow. On 23 August 1892 Michael married his first wife Allys mary Gore (Queensland marriages reg. no. 1893/16222) in Australia.

Allys, born on 08 August 1874 (Queensland birth reg. no. 1874/4066) in the beautiful area Pittsworth, near Toowoomba, Queensland, was the daughter and second child of Rev William francis Gore, who was born 31 January 1847, and harriet Julia louisa Schneider. They were married in 1870 when Julia was aged 23. Their first child, Francis william baldock Gore, was born in 1873 (Queensland birth reg. no. 1873/3593). In 1875, after Julia's death in 1874, Rev William francis Gore married Emlyn augusta Drake, then aged 28. Three other children followed.

Rev William francis Gore built All Saint's Anglican Church, Yandilla Station in October 1863. It is likely that Michael and Allys married there.

Denis werner Gore, born 26 January 1888 (Queensland birth reg. no. 1888/2501) and who died 4 December 1894 (Queensland death reg. no. 1894/27363) is buried in the churchyard.
Source: Monumental Inscriptions, Yandilla

Right: All Saints Church, Yandilla
Source: Hume photographs, Queensland University
Yandilla Church circa 1878 - 80kB jpg
Right: A map locating Pittsworth/Yandilla area of Queensland

Margaret louisa's cousin, John henry Crompton farmed near Caboolture until December 1915.

A map locating Pittswork, Queensland - 51kB jpg

The Duggleby's of Pittsworth, Queensland

Michael Duggleby lived in a country town close to Pittsworth. Descendants of his brother continued to live in the area. At some time they were joined by their cousin John henry Duggleby (1856-1935), son of John paul Duggleby (1822-1891) and Mary Piercy (1827-1877). John henry married Emma ann Green and their five children are recorded in the Queensland births. John henry died on 14 July 1935 (Queensland death ref no: 1935/3592)

1805info2c, sheet 4

Piercy Duggleby, a farmer and son of John henry Duggleby of Spring Valley, Pittsworth was born in 1891 (Queensland births ref no: 1891/3614). He enlisted into the 20th Reinforcements of the 26th Battalion, Australian Imperial Force, at Toowoomba on the 09 May 1917 to the Enoggera Barracks, Brisbane. In January 1918 he transferred to the 52nd Battalion. On 26 April 1918, in the defence of Amiens, he received a gun shot wound to his right shoulder, which was sever enough to have him repatriated to Australia on 01 September 1918 on the hospital ship Karoola. Source: Percy Duggleby's war record

The Pittsworth Sentinel recorded:

and the Toowoomba Chronicle records:

Source: Ryerson Index to contemporary death notices and obituaries in Australian newspapers

In the 1903, 1905 and 1908 there were three Dugglesbys on the Pittsworth electoral register. In 1925 this had increased to six.

John henry Duggleby, his wife Emma ann and their spinster daughter Mabel frances (1889 Queensland birth ref no: 1889/3685 -1956 (Queensland death ref no: 1956/1077)are all buried in Pittsworth Cemetery.

White Pages, Australia (2010) records on Duggleby still living in Little Mountain, near Caloundra, Queensland, some 270km north-east of Pittsworth.

The family returns to East Yorkshire

The 1901 UK census illustrates the families travels. After their marriage they stayed in Queensland for about three years before moving on to New Zealand for one year. In 1898, Michael brought his young family back to Malton where, as the 1901 census shows, two more children were born.

1901 Census   Sun/Mon 31st March/1st April 1901
Source:       FHL Film  TNA Ref RG13
              Piece: 4540 Folio: 49 Page: 1 Sched: 3
Dwelling:     10 Castlegate
Place:        Malton, York ER, England

Name               Rel  Mar Age  Occupation   Status       Birthplace
Michael Duggleby   Head  M  31   Butcher      Own account  Yorks, Cottam
Ally M Duggleby    Wife  M  26                             Australia, Queensland
Alfred F Duggleby   Son      7                             Australia, Queensland 
Irene L M Duggleby  Dau      5                             New Zealand
Archie W Duggleby   Son      2                             Yorks, Malton
Bernard W Duggleby  Son      4mo                           Yorks, Malton
1805info2c, sheet 5
The first Dugglebys emigrate to America

John Duggleby writes by email: 'Brother Alfred [married to Lily Mancktelow] had returned [from Australia] earlier, and along with my great-grandfather Johnson Duggleby, emigrated to Davenport, Iowa, USA in 1895 where they soon opened the Duggleby Bros. Meat Market ... [a] butcher shop in Davenport that operated for many years'. Michael joined them in 1903. He sailed in the 'Friesland' from Liverpool to Philadelphia on April 29, 1903.

Source: John Duggleby

Ancestry suggests that he was resident in Scott County, Iowa in the 1910 US census. Allys gwendoline was born in Davenport in 1912 and six years later his wife Allys died there on 01 December 1918 of Spanish influenza.

Right: The Duggleby brothers out side their Meat Market in Davenport
The Duggleby Meat Market, Davenport - 32kB jpg
Above: An abstract from the 2490 tons British Prince's passenger list showing the entry for Alfred and Johnson Duggleby, dated 28 June 1893, as two of the 399 passengers. Source: TNA BT 27/129, page 6
The America Line ship, on the Liverpool to Philadelphia route arrived in Philadelphia on 09 July 1893. Captain Mork was the Master. Its maiden voyage was on 12 April 1882.
1805inf2c, sheet 6

Michael Duggleby and family emigrate to America

Michael Duggleby of the Friesland's passenger list 29 April 1903 - 66kB jpg
Above: An abstract for the 'Friesland's' passenger list 29 April 1903
Source: The National Archives (TNA) BT 27/399, page 13
The passenger list shows that ticket 13022 belonged to Michael Duggleby, a butcher, his wife A[llys]. and his children Alf[re]d, Irene, Archibald, and what appears to be L[eonard], who according to the family was born and died in 1903. However, there is no record of Leonard dying in the UK. It must be assumed that he travelled to and died in USA.
The 'Friesland' of 4505 tons, being one of five older, smaller and slower ships on the Antwerp-New York run was transferred on long-term charter in 1903 to the American Line for its Philadelphia-Liverpool service. The vessel's passenger capacity was changed to 300 second class and 600 third class passengers. When the Duggleby's boarded there were 606 passengers and GC Apfield was the Master.  Model of the SS Friesland- 12kB jpg

The basic information on Ancestry World suggests Michael Duggleby:

Michael Duggleby made two return crossings:

The ships manifest indicates that he was to return to the US. An exhaustive research of the Duggleby name suggest that there was only one Michael Duggleby of that age at that time.

1805info2c, sheet 7

His marriage to Margaret louisa

Allys Swanson of St. Paul Minnesota and Michael Duggleby's grand daughter, has in her possession Margaret louisa's blue steamer trunk: a British made Antler Wardrobe Trunk still festooned with period travel stickers.  It records:

White Star Line
Steamer: GEORGIC
Sailing from: LIVERPOOL
Port of landing: NEW YORK
Name of Passenger: Miss M.L.CROMPTON
Address in US or Canada: 
Room: C.55
This suggests that this was Miss Margaret louisa Crompton voyage made to her wedding. On 10 May 1934 MV Georgic became part of the fleet of the newly amalgamated Cunard-White Star Line.

(NB: There is reference to 22 September without a year and without context.)
ML Crompton's luggage lablel, Georgic - 39kB jpg
Above: Margaret louisa Crompton's luggage label from the Georgic Source: Allys Swanson
At this point there is no information about when the Georgic transferred to the Liverpool to New York run.

Built at Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast, the RMS Georgic was the last ship built for the White Star Line before its merger with the Cunard Line. Commissioned in January 1933, Georgic was a motorship, and not a steamer, fitted with a diesel electric power plant.

Right: MV Georgic
MV Georgic - 19kB jpg
1805info2c, sheet 8
Michael took the train to New York to meet the ship. The couple were married in New York,  They later resided at 2362 East Locust Street, Davenport, Iowa, USA.

Right: The approximate position of 2362 East Locust Street, Davenport at the junction of Duggleby Street North
2362 East Locust Street, Davenport - 21kB jpg

Various voyages to and from UK

On 23 May 1936 Margaret and Michael Duggleby landed, as Third Class passenger, in Liverpool from Montreal on the Donaldson and Atlantic's 'Letitia', bound for 18 Kingswood Avenue, Newcastle on Tyne. (Ref TNA: BT26 Piece: 1058, Item: 5) It is believed that this trip was their honeymoon to the home of her brother Walter (qv) shortly after the death of her mother Margaret elizabeth in the first quarter of 1936.

Michael Duggleby Letitia passenger list 23may36 - 28kB jpg
Above: The Letitia's passenger list from 23 May 1936, showing Michael Duggleby as an Alien immigrant
Click on the image to open a 130kB A4 landscape jpeg.
RMS Letitia made her maiden voyage from Glasgow to Montreal on April 24, 1925. In 1933 her passenger accommodation was altered to 298-Cabin Class, 310-Tourist Class and 964-3rd Class. In 1935 her owners changed their name to Donaldson Atlantic Line.

Right: RMS Letitia
RMS Letitia - 23 kB jpg
1805info2c, sheet 9
Margaret louisa Letitia passenger list 23may36 - 82kB jpg
Above: The Letitia's passenger list from 23 May 1936, showing Margaret louisa Duggleby as from USA bound for Newcastle
Click on the image to open a 344kB A4 landscape jpeg.

Family hearsay recorded that Margaret louisa and Michael returned to New York on the 27 May 1936 maiden voyage of the 34117 ton RMS Queen Mary. In fact they sailed on the sixteenth voyage of the Blue Riband holder RMS Queen Mary on 22 September 1936, two of the 1454 passengers, on the weekly voyage commanded by Sir ET Britten.

Queen Mary passenger list 22sep1936 - 62kB jpg
Above: Queen Mary passenger list 22 September 1936
1805info2c, sheet 10
RMS Queen Mary - 25kB jpg
Above: RMS Queen Mary

Davenport, Iowa

Davenport is a city located along the Mississippi River in Scott County, Iowa, United States. It is the county seat of and largest city in Scott County. A 2008 estimate shows the population was 100,827 making it Iowa's third-largest city.

Located approximately half way between Chicago and Des Moines, Davenport sits on the Mississippi River on the border of Iowa and Illinois.

Bix Beiderbecke was a Davenport native.

Right: A map locating Davenport, Iowa
Map locating Davenport Iowa - 102kB jpg
Michael Duggleby's death

Michael Duggleby died on 07 August 1940 in Davenport, Iowa and is buried at the Oakdale Cemetery. It is assumed that Margaret louisa Crompton also died in Davenport.

The table on the right, is believed to be Margaret louisa's table, imported to Davenport from the UK sometime after her marriage.

Right: Margaret louisa's table
Margaret louisa's table - 28kB jpg
1805info2c, sheet 11

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