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The children of John and Ann - John Paul

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John Paul CROMPTON - John and Ann's sixth child.

John Paul married Ann HOOPER in the second quarter of 1872 (GRO ref: Scarborough 9d 545).

1881 Census Sun/Mon 2/3rd April 1881
Source: FHL Film TNA Ref RG11
 Piece: 4797; Folio: 25; Page: 9;
Place: Thornholme, Yorks, England

Name              Rel   Mar Age Occupation                  Birthplace
John P. Crompton  Head   M  35  Farmer of 380 acres         Yorks, Thornholme
                                employing 6 men and 3 boys
Ann Crompton      Wife   M  28  Farmers wife                Yorks, Sawden
Ann Hooper        M-i-L Wid 72  Annuitant                   Yorks, Brompton
Richard Baker     Serv   U  23  Farm servant indoors        Yorks, Lissett
James Fisk        Serv   U  23  Farm servant indoors        Yorks, Etton
James Teffels     Serv   U  18  Farm servant indoors        Yorks, Sawdon
Joseph Newlove    Serv   U  15  Farm servant indoors        Yorks, Burton Fleming
Aaron Leppington  Serv   U  15  Farm servant indoors        Yorks, Falsgrave
Annie Marr        Serv   U  19  Kitchen maid                Yorks, West Lutton
Rache Robson      Serv   U  16  Gen Serv Domestic           Yorks, West Lutton
William Jeffrey   Serv   U  49  Shepherd                    Yorks, Horncastle
Tom Adamson       Serv   U  28  Groom                       Yorks, Garton
Harry Gray        Serv   U  15  Groom                       Yorks, Harpham

John Paul's death (GRO ref: Bridlington 9d 247)

CROMPTON August 20th, at Thornhome (sic), aged 38 years, John Paul Crompton. The funeral will be at 
Burton Agnes. [Published Aug 23, 1884]

Source: Driffield and Wolds Genealogy - Death announcements from the Driffield Times A - L

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