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The children of John and Ann - William and Henry

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William CROMPTON John and Ann's second child

The birth of John and Ann's second child, William, is recorded in the second quarter of 1839 (GRO ref: Driffield 23 35). His death was recorded in the same quarter. (GRO ref: Driffield 23 31).

Henry CROMPTON John and Ann's third child

Henry CROMPTON was born on 10 July 1840 (GRO ref: Driffield 23  36) and died in the first quarter of 1880 (GRO ref: Driffield 9d  223).

The 1861 census shows that Henry was living at Thornholme, with his father.

1871 Census Sun/Mon. 2/3rd April 1871
Source:      FHL Film  TNA Ref RG10
             Piece 4807 Folio 118 Page 5 Sched 26 
Place:       Ruston Parva, York ER, England

Name             Rel Mar Age Occupation                Birthplace
Henry Crompton  Head  U  30  Farming 175 ac. of land   Yorks, Nafferton
                             employing 2 men & 1 boy
Annie England   Cous  U  33  House keeper              Yorks, Barmston
Hannah Hodgson  Serv  U  17  House servant             Yorks, Speeton
John Baker      Serv  U  21  Farm servant              Yorks, Brandliston
Robert Walson   Serv  U  19  Farm servant              Yorks, Great Kelk 
John Cooper     Serv  U  14  Farm servant              Yorks, Thornholme 

Annie ENGLAND was descended from the family of Henry's maternal grandmother, who married a Jefferson.

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