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The life and death of Thomas Crompton

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Thomas' marriage to Isabella ROWLIN

On 12 November 1828 Thomas married Isabella ROWLIN at Bridlington Priory Church.

Thomas Crompton, bach, & Isabella Rowlin a minor, both of this parish Licence with consent 
of Newyear Rowlin her father, by George Smith Witnesses George Rowlin, John Linskill

Their life

It is possible that Thomas took over his father and grandfather's farm in High Green, Bridlington.

1841 Census Sun/Mon  6/7 June 1841
Source:   FHL Film TNA Ref HO107
          Piece: 1213; Book: 6; Folio: 9; Page: 12; Line: 13 
Dwelling: High Green [This is adjacent to Pinfold Street]
Place:    Bridlington, York
Name              Age  Occupation  Born in County
Thomas Crompton   35   Farmer            Y
Isabella Crompton 30                     Y
Ann Crompton      10                     Y
Mallory Lyon      25   Ag Lab            Y
Thomas Cox        15   Ag Lab            Y
George Lyon       15   Ag Lab            Y
William Hardy     10   Ag Lab            Y
Mary Brodrick     15   Farm servant      Y
Note: Ages are often rounded to the nearest five years

1851 Census Sun/Mon 30/31st March 1851
Source:     FHL Film  TNA Ref H1O7
            Piece: 2367; Folio: 133; Page: 13; Sched: 67;
Dwelling:   Pinfold Street    
Place:      Bridlington, York ER, England

Name               Rel   Mar  Age  Occupation                      Birthplace 
Thomas Crompton    Head   M    46  Farmer of 240 acres employing   Yorks, Bridlington
                                                     6 labourers
Isabella Crompton  Wife   M    38  Wife                            Yorks, Bridlington
George Sterrikirk  Serv   U    24  Ag Lab                          Yorks, Lund
Joseph Hebden      Serv   U    23  Ag Lab                          Yorks, Foston 
Thomas Ayrhill     Serv   U    18  Ag Lab                          Yorks, Rillington 
Thomas Tindall     Serv   U    16  Ag Lab                          Yorks, Rudston 
Abram Hackner      Serv   M    55  Groom                           Yorks, Harpham  
Mary Ann Brambles  Serv   U    23  House servant                   Yorks, Reighton
1803info1, sheet 2the farm
A montage of High Green Bridlington - 58kB jpg
  1. The entrance to High Green Farm was to the left of the house leading to the fold yard, pig sties and cow sheds. The row of ancient cottages in Sewerby Road have been redeveloped. Seventy years ago the farm supplied milk to local clientele.
  2. 25 Pinfold Street - the other farm situated on High Green. In 2010 this eighteenth century farm house and barn conversion was for sale as a four bedroom property at 299,500
  3. One of the properties in Pinfold Street where the houses are simple, solid and large. The architecture of the sash window and doors appears to be " regular", mathematically proportionate and balanced suggesting a Georgian architectural influence.
  4. A similar property to photograph 3.
  5. 6 Pinfold Street in which, when being modernised, the deeds for a 1516 cowshed were discovered in the walls.
  6. Bridlington Priory Church.
  7. The location of Thomas Crompton's 1831 grave.
  8. The Bayle.
Left: An aerial photograph High Green Bridlington, in 2010, showing Thomas' possible properties 
Click on the yellow arrows to open a photograph on a new page.
Right: Map locating High Green and Pinfold Street, Bridlington in 1854.

Two farms are marked on the map. One bounds Pinfold Street and the second is High Green Farm to the east.

Green Dike was once a pond and when filled in the site of the town fair.

The map also locates Bridlington Priory Church and its graveyard.
Map locating High Green and Pinfold Street, Bridlington - 103kB jpg
1803info1, sheet 3
There are two possible locations for Thomas' farm on High Green, Bridlington.

Right: High Green Farmhouse 2010, which, as can be seen on the map, had an entrance opening from Sewerby Road, leading to extensive farm buildings. This is now a redeveloped site.
High Green Farmhouse 2010 - kB 32jpg
Farm at 25 Pinfold Street Bridlington 2010 - 32kB jpg Left: 25 Pinfold Street Bridlington 2010 as an eighteenth century farm house and barn conversion for sale as a four bedroom property at 299,500
Right: Number 6 Pinfold on High Green, Bridlington in 2001 High Green, Bridlington - 38kB jpg
1803info1, sheet 4
1861 Census Sun/Mon. 7/8th April 1861
Source:     FHL Film  TNA Ref RG09
            Piece: 3612; Folio: 59; Page: 12; Sched: 70;
Dwelling:   Pinfold Street    
Place:      Bridlington, York ER, England

Name               Rel   Mar  Age  Occupation                  Birthplace 
Thomas Crompton    Head   M    57  Farmer                      Yorks, Bridlington
Isabella Crompton  Wife   M    52                              Yorks, Bridlington
Ann Wilson         GDau         9  Scholar                     Yorks, Harpham
Casey Tindall      Serv   U    24  Foreman                     Yorks, Reighton
John Constable     Serv   U    20  Waggoner                    Yorks, Ganton
Jane Beilby        Serv   U    28  House servant               Yorks, North Dalton

It is interesting to note that this census contains Ann(ie) Wilson, who may have been at a Bridlington school. In 1861 her younger siblings were classified as 'Scholars' in the family village of Harpham.

Prior to 1812 a BEILBY married a TOPHAM; the name being carried forward as a forename. Between 1888 and 1889 three of the TOPHAM married into the WILSON family. Jane BEILBY may have carried the original family name.

Thomas' death

Thomas died on 11 April 1862 and is buried in Priory Church, Bridlington (GRO ref: Bridlington 9d 195).

It is possible that the prominent headstone in Bridlington Priory Church, East Graveyard, marks his standing in the town. This may be a continuation of his father's status and the families status as landed gentry and church wardens in Cayton by Scarborough.

Right: Postcard of Bridlington Priory Church
Postcard of Bridlington Priory Church - 24 kB jpg
Bridlington Priory Church in 2001 - 30kB jpg Left: Bridlington Priory Church in 2001
1803info1, sheet 5
Gravestone Thomas and Isabella - 39kB jpg
In Affectionate Remembrance
of the late
of Bridlington
who departed this life
April 11th 1862
Aged 58 years
ISABELLA widow of the above
who departed this life
February 5th 1891
Aged 82 years

Isabella in later life

The 1871 census suggests that, after Thomas' death, Isabella retained ownership of the farm whilst renting it out for income. She lived at 50 Quay Road, Bridlington with her grand daughter.

1871 Census Sun/Mon. 2/3rd April 1871
Source:      FHL Film  TNA Ref RG10
             Piece: 4811; Folio: 85; Page: 30; Sched: 169;
Dwelling:    50 Quay Road
Place:       Bridlington, York ER, England

Name               Rel   Mar  Age  Occupation                 Birthplace
Isabella Crompton  Head   W    60  Deriving income from land  Yorks, Bridlington
Alice Wilson       GDau         5                             Yorks, Harpham
50 Quay Road, Bridlington 2010 - 53kB jpg
Above: The location of 50 Quay Road, Bridlington in 2010
1803info1, sheet 7

It is difficult to determine the position of 50 Quay Road. The location of the present day number 60 and 46 suggest that number 50 was close to the railway. Present day number 62 is Bridlington Town Council and number 46 a carpet shop. It appears that the Vauxhall Garage of Higgs and Barker are 58 to 52 Quay Street. This suggests that number 50 is the building site between Moorfield Road and the railway line.

50 Quay Road, Bridlington, marked below  by a circle.

It was once the offices of Bridlington Gas and later North Eastern Gas.

There is no postcode for this address.
Map locating Quay Road Bridlington - 32kB gif
1893 Map locating Quay Road Bridlington - 22kB gif
Above: A 1893 Map locating 50 Quay Road, Bridlington - marked red. Scale 1:10560

Isabella died many years later in the first quarter of 1891, (GRO ref: Driffield 9d 219) having spent the census of 1881 at Field House, Harpham, with her daughter Ann and was buried with her husband in The Priory Church.

Additional source:

With thanks to Walter Townsend: choirboy at Bridlington Priory, school friend of the farmer's son at High Green and employee of Bridlington Gas.

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